Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New York Knicks 2009-2010 Season Preview

If the Knicks young players can develop the Knicks can make the playoffs as soon as this season. I'm not saying they are going to be a Championship contender but they will definitely compete for the 8th slot.

Let’s begin with the 5 I would start

Starting Lineup

Point Guard - 1 - Chris Duhon - 6-1, 185 pounds - Say what you want about “Chrissssssssssss Duuuuuuuhoooon” but the fact of the matter is he is a serviceable pass first point guard. He is a stable piece to the Knicks starting lineup even though I’m sure the Knicks hope that rookie Toney Douglas takes over soon. Duhon’s numbers are pretty solid from last season considering he broke down towards the end of the year due to excessive fatigue.
‘08-‘09 Stats - Minutes - 36.8, Points - 11.1, Assists 7.2, Steals .9

Shooting Guard - 8 - Danilo Galinari - 6-10(yeah right), 225 pounds - The apparent “savior” (according to D’Antoni) struggled to stay healthy last season with his chronic back problems. In his limited time last year he did show some promise and hit some big shots in the clutch. The 20 year old kid needs to gain some confidence and that killer instinct that he SEEMS to be severely lacking but again he is only 20 years old. Starting him at the 2 would be perfect because he is way to skinny to bang with the big guys down low and it will keep him on the perimeter where he is most effective.
‘08-‘09 Stats - Games - 28, Points - 6.1, Free Throw Percentage - .963(26-27), Three Point Percentage - .444(32-72),

Small Forward - 21 - Wilson Chandler - 6-8, 220 pounds - Chandler aka Beltran shows little emotion but is very effective and can be the X factor of this entire ‘09-‘10 season. He showed flashes of blossoming last season and if he can turn into a top flight scorer the Knicks could have something here at the 3 spot. He has done nothing but fly under the radar around the league while imrpoving and dunking on player after player (ask K.G, ask Kendrick Perkins, ask Jermaine O’Neal, and ask Luis Scola if they know who Wilson Chandler is the answer will probably give them the chills). Some fans have even dreamt that maybe he can be an All-Star one day. However, before anybody gets ahead of themselves with All-Star claims Chandler needs to become more consistent especially on the defensive end. The sky is the limit for the young man out of Depaul who after sitting basically his entire rookie season on the bench played in every game last season.
‘08-‘09 Stats - Games - 82, Points - 14.4, Blocks - .91, Rebounds - 5.4

Power Forward - 7 - Al Harrington - 6-9, 250 pounds - While he is not the quintessential power foward Al Harrington is way to good of a scorer to come off the bench. If he can learn to be more of a team oriented offensive threat he can be a force on this squad that is lacking a true consistent scorer.
‘08-‘09 Stats - Points - 20.1, Rebounds - 6.2, Steals - 1.21

Center - 42 - David Lee - 6-9, 240 pounds - “Double” Lee led the entire NBA in double doubles last season. So if Lee can improve his scoring numbers by improving his jumper as well as his shot blocking numbers, he will be a border line All-Star again this season. The rebounding machine is the heart and soul of this squad and HAS TO GET SIGNED TO AN EXTENSION. I don’t want to hear that Mr. Walsh is saving cap space for better players when every great team in history has needed a player like David Lee. Look at any great team over the last 20 years - The Pistons had Dennis Rodman, The Bulls has Horace Grant, The Rockets had Otis Thorpe, The Bulls second run had Rodman, the Knicks teams of the 90s had Oakley, etc. etc. Every championship caliber team needs a player like Lee to do all the dirty work. There is absolutely no reason to go out and look for another player who rebounds consistently with the best in the league when you have a home grown fan favorite already here. In the words of Vince Vaughn from the movie “Wedding Crashers”, “LOCK IT UP.”
‘08-‘09 Stats - Points - 16, Rebounds - 11.8, Steals 1.00, Blocks .3


Guard - 2 - Nate Robinson - 5-9(yeah right), 180 pounds - The little spark plug can be a force for any team in this league coming off the bench. When “Nasty Nate” gets hot it is really tough stop him he showed last season when he averaged 23.9 points per game in the month of February. Mike D’Antoni was all over Nate last season to improve his defense and it worked as his steals went up dramatically. What the fan favorite Nate needs to do is start getting serious about playing ball and stop trying to put on a show.
**Side Note** Nate has changed his number from number 4 to number 2. This is a quote from the dumbest web site ever Twitter, he said, “#2 was the very first # I had, and when I was a young boy deion sanders was my fav player and that the # he had Big ups to primeTime” Come on Nate, Dieon was #2 in college which not many people know about and he made the number 21 famous which is obviously worn by Wilson Chandler. I know you played Cornerback in college but you're a Guard in the NBA now so it's time to focus.
‘08-‘09 Stats - Points - 17.2, Steals 1.28, Rebounds 3.9, Assists 4.1

Forward - 20 - Jared Jeffries - 6-11, 240 pounds (he is at least 20 pounds lighter then that) - He is probably the second worst pick up in the history of the New York Knickerbockers behind the great Jerome James of course. Jeffries was brought here to be a defensive specialist but his play since arriving in New York has been nothing close to special. Fellow fans don’t fool yourself into listening to the propaganda that the MSG announcers will tell you that “what Jeffries does doesn’t show up on the stat sheet” it is BS. All that comment does is insult every fan out there who knows what they are talking about and watches every game like myself and many other die hards out there. In the preseason it seemed like he has improved his 3 point shot but we’ll see if he can continue that. No disrespect to Jeffries personally but he needs to be riding the bench for the Knicks to be successful..
‘08-‘09 Stats - Points - 5.3, Rebounds - 4.1, Steals - .84, Blocks - .59

Center - 34 - Eddy Curry - 6-11, 285 pounds - It is the same story this season as it was for Eddy Curry last season - get in shape. I give Curry a pass for only playing in 3 games last year and not being very effective in those games due to personal issues off the court issues. The still very young 26 year old center came into camp thinner but has gotten hurt and has missed all of the preseason so far.

Point Guard - 23 - Toney Douglas - 6-1, 200 pounds - The Knicks bought this First round pick from the Lakers in this years draft. He has looked good in the preseason and summer league but lets not get crazy about the preseason and summer league. However, the Knicks have high hopes for this rook who could see a lot of minutes. To see a full scouting report courtesy of click here

Power Forward - 43 - Jordan Hill - 6-10, 235 pounds - The Eight overall pick in the draft has looked pretty good in his time through the preseason and summer league as well as showing he has a nice touch. Here is his full scouting report

Guard - 0 - Larry Hughes - 6-5, 185 pounds - Contrary to popular belief Larry Hughes can be a solid player on this team this season. He is a good scorer and never seemed to be in good shape last season as he struggled to get his rhythm both offensively and at times defensively last season. First, while still with the Bulls, he missed the first 8 games of the year then after clashing with the Bulls management he was then sat down for the next month and a half until he was finally traded to New York. Obviously in being a player that has played consistent minutes his whole career while missing that amount of time in a season can throw your rhythm off. If Hughes can bounce back this year and stay in the rotation he can be an under the radar surprise for this squad.
‘08-‘09 Stats - Points - 11.6, Steals - 1.31

Center - 31 - Darko Milicic - 7-0, 275 pounds - The biggest bust in the Detroit Pistons franchise history and the pick that could have started a dynasty for the Pistons. You’ve all heard the story that Dumars selected Darko and passed up on Mello, D-Wade, & Bosh. This black cloud has hung over Darko’s head his entire career and it is not his fault because he is simply not a player worthy of a number 2 pick overall. I know he is an expiring contract and is 7 feet and they say he can shoot somewhat (even though he has never made a three pointer in his career) and that he “will fit well in D’Antoni’s system” but he is not the answer. Come on Mr. Walsh the Knicks are already a laughing stock don’t torture us fans more and make us sit through an entire year of the Darko.
‘08-‘09 Stats - Points 5.5, Rebounds - 4.3, Blocks .84

The Rick Brunsoner aka the player who will be riding the bench all year.
Forward - 11 - Marcus Landry - 6-7, 230 pounds - Played 5 games for the Kings last season.


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