Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hey Mr. Walsh Will You Re-Sign "Double" Lee Already!?!?!?!

Just wanted to pop in and give a message to Mr. Walsh and D'Antoni that they BETTER make sure they re-sign Lee to a multi-year extension. Don't re-sign him for a one year tender then hope he will re-sign next year because that would be a joke. The Blazers are dangling offers for Lee as well as "other teams" according to his agent. However, I believe in my heart of hearts that as bad as it has been Lee he does not want to go anywhere else. He is beloved in New York and I'm sure he wants to be part of this team when it turns around. He is a fan favorite and re-signing him will be the best move the Knicks will make this whole off-season. Also did you really think signing the 156 year old Grant Hill would excite fans? Or did you really think signing the 134 year old hated Jason Kidd would? Are you kidding me with this? Let the young guys play!!! Let the Chandler's and the Gallinari's of the world get consistent minutes. Stephen Curray would have excited fans but he was picked one pick before the Knicks by the Warriors. Jordan Hill looks like a good player and so does Toney Douglas they have both played well in summer league games.

Again the outcome of this season rests upon re-signing "Double" Lee.....a Nate Robinson re-signing would be awesome as well but Lee is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important. I'm not saying the Knicks are going to come anywhere close to winning a title but a success full season would finally making the playoffs and getting these young guys some valuable experience. Don't get me wrong I love little Nate but a man averaging double/doubles every night is not easy to come by.


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