Tuesday, February 03, 2009

When Kobe is Hot, He Can't Be Stopped

Kobe Bryant started off the game by hitting a few jump shots and immediately I thought to myself, "uh oh." Wilson Chandler was draped all over him all night long and it just did not matter. Kobe would hit Chandler with a pump fake then a spin and it would be cash, or it would be a one dribble pull up and it would be cash or it would be a fake left then fake right then fade away left and it would be cash plus the foul. It was just an amazing performance by the best player in the NBA.

Kobe Bryant broke Bernard King's record of 60 points at the new Garden by dropping 61 last night. It's going to be funny what MSG Network calls this night like they call Michael Jordan's 55 points the "double nickle." How about.....Kobe Bryant's "Half-dollar-dime-penny" hosted by Al Trautwig (don't get all crazy MSG I'm just teasing).

When Kobe gets hot there is nobody in league who can keep up with him and I mean nobody as in LeBron as well. Once Kobe got going full speed ahead in the second half the Knicks just got deflated and were blown out a lot worse then the final score was - only losing by 9. Out of all the stats from last night of Kobe Bryant (19-31 from the field and 3-6 from downtown) the most impressive to me was the 20-20 from the free throw line.


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