Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nate Robinson Slam Dunk Contest - 2009 Champion

Knick fans have something to be proud of and who cares how meaningless it really is. Nate Robinson did his thing jumping over the 6'10 Dwight Howard beating "Superman" (don't forget Shaq is the original Superman of the NBA).

After the first round Nate went into the locker room after the first round to put on the green St. Patties Day uniform to signify cryptonite and it was histerical.

Reggie Miller gets the just STFU (Shut The F*** Up) Award last night. He was annoying and I enjoyed how Kenny Smith continuously put him in his place. Call it bias if you want but even during regular games I find myself yelling at the TV for Reggie to shutup. Is it because I am a die hard Knick fan and I hate Reggie "The Original Flopper" Miller anyway? I'll admit that might be the case.


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