Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hopefully This Doesn't Happen Again

These are highlights from LeBron James' 50 point performance last season at the Garden. The Fans were rooting for LeBron to get to 50 somewhat like Kobe the other night who dropped 61.

Listen up fellow fans I understand that you want LeBron (and of course I do to) but at the game tonight (which I will be attending) cheer for him before the game and after with polite applause (maybe throw in a "WE WANT LEBRON" chant which I am going to try and start). However, once this game begins he is the enemy. The Knicks are only a half a game out of the final playoff spot so this game is huge. This is not last season or the previous 5 when they have been dreadfull.


Blogger MiniGuerilla said...

Knick fans cheer for Lebron because they see him as our savior, which I think is absolutely ridiculous since we are in the playoff hunt. I couldn't believe how many Kobe fans there were at this past game, it looked like an away game almost. Great Knick blog! I am also glad to see another fan who thinks Marbury is a bum.

2/08/2009 8:02 PM  

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