Saturday, January 03, 2009

Hey Mr. Walsh, Let Stephon Rot

The exciting way the Knicks have been playing (even though they are losing) have made Knick fans forget about their "star" point guard Stephon Marbury. There have been even more reports that if the Knicks buy out Stephon "ME" Marbury that the BASTIN Celtics would pick him up. The Celtics would only have to pay Marbury the minimum salary. (Side rant……I am tired of every media outlet making Marbury out to be the victim in this "saga", he made his bed now he is laying in it!!)

Memo to Mr. Walsh DO NOT BUY OUT MARBURY!!! If you buy out Stephon and the Celtics do indeed pick him up the pain us Knick fans would feel would be immeasurable when the Celtics win another championship. Just imagine Steph in Celtic green holding up the Larry O’Brien Trophy….. it is tough to do but I try not to think about things like that. For example for me it would be like when Keyshawn Johnson dissed the New York Jets (my favorite football team) and went on to win a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay …..that hurt.

What would the Knicks really accomplish by buying out the most selfish player in team history? The answer is absolutely nothing but an open roster spot. All it takes is just one point guard injury somewhere in the NBA to make a team desperate enough to trade for Marbury. If an injury to a starting point guard does not occur (before the February 19th deadline) it would be comforting enough to know that the tattooed head of Stephon "Me" Marbury finally got punished for all of his selfishness throughout his career and was docked an entire season.


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