Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fellow Fans You Should Root Like Hell for Curry

What I will be doing when Eddy Curry returns from injury (and what any sensible Knick fan out there will be doing) is rooting like hell for Eddy Curry and not booing him as usual. Hopefully, D’Antoni makes Curry the focal point of the offense when he returns from his injury within the next game or 2. If he plays well in the next month and half until the February 19th deadline he will be valuable enough to be traded. If he is the focal point of the offense and Curry stays healthy Eddy will put up his usual scoring numbers of somewhere around 18 ppg. If he puts up those kind of numbers there is going to be some (sucker) GM out there that will trade for the 6’11 290+ pound big man. The (sucker) GM will over look the fact that Curry has been over weight throughout his career and he will over look the fact that at 6’11 he can’t block shots or grab rebounds. Hopefully, this (sucker) GM will only look at one fact and that is that he can flat out score from 5 feet away.

If the Knicks can move Curry for a contract that expires before the 2010 season they will be able to afford two big superstars OR a big superstar and maybe two other All Star caliber players. Imagine a team with an Amare and LeBron or a Bosh and LeBron or Amare and Wade or Amare, Wade and Nash or Amare, Josh Howard and Tony Parker or a starting lineup of Amare, Bosh, Wilson Chandler, Jason Richardson and Duhon or getting Kirilenko, LeBron and Jason Richardson or Richard Jefferson, LeBron and Jason Richardson…..I know, I know I am getting ahead of myself but these kind of things never happen to my favorite teams (Knicks, Jets, and Mets) and it IS acutally possible. So let’s here some cheers at the Garden for Eddy Curry……EDDY!!! EDDY!!! EDDY!!! EDDY!!


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