Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eddy Curry

In light of everything that has gone on in Eddy Curry's life over the last 2 months I will never say anything bad about him again. I will never call him names for being lazy, I will never refer to him as Oliver Miller's little brother anymore none of that will ever come from my writing again. In light of the tragic murders of his ex girl friend and her 9 month old baby daughter with Curry's 3 year old son watching....I think it is the proper thing to do. Not to mention on top of all that he is being sued in a bull sh** case(there's just no other way to put it).

For the full breakdown of the murder click here,0,6766518.story. I couldn't even get through the entire article it is just to depressing

It is clearly one of the most bogus lawsuit in recent memory. In order to really understand how false this lawsuit is click here and scroll down on the left hand side and listen to the interviews with the lawyer of Eddy Curry and the lawyer of the man suing Curry (I will not mention his name and give the guy one of the two things he wants which is publicity and the other thing he wants is obviously money). The lawyers were interviewed on The Boomer & Carton Morning Show on WFAN 660AM. Eddy Curry's lawyers name is Kelly Saindon and the gold digging loser's lawyer's name is Matthew Blit. You can tell Matthew Blit doesn't even believe the accusations he is being paid to prove and Kelly Saindon obviously is confident that she will win the bogus lawsuit.


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