Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eddy Curry

In light of everything that has gone on in Eddy Curry's life over the last 2 months I will never say anything bad about him again. I will never call him names for being lazy, I will never refer to him as Oliver Miller's little brother anymore none of that will ever come from my writing again. In light of the tragic murders of his ex girl friend and her 9 month old baby daughter with Curry's 3 year old son watching....I think it is the proper thing to do. Not to mention on top of all that he is being sued in a bull sh** case(there's just no other way to put it).

For the full breakdown of the murder click here,0,6766518.story. I couldn't even get through the entire article it is just to depressing

It is clearly one of the most bogus lawsuit in recent memory. In order to really understand how false this lawsuit is click here and scroll down on the left hand side and listen to the interviews with the lawyer of Eddy Curry and the lawyer of the man suing Curry (I will not mention his name and give the guy one of the two things he wants which is publicity and the other thing he wants is obviously money). The lawyers were interviewed on The Boomer & Carton Morning Show on WFAN 660AM. Eddy Curry's lawyers name is Kelly Saindon and the gold digging loser's lawyer's name is Matthew Blit. You can tell Matthew Blit doesn't even believe the accusations he is being paid to prove and Kelly Saindon obviously is confident that she will win the bogus lawsuit.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nate Robinson's Lefty Swat on Javaris Crittenton

He smacked that one so hard I think the ball said "ouch." My post defending Eddy Curry in this whole limo driver garbage is coming soon.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fellow Fans You Should Root Like Hell for Curry

What I will be doing when Eddy Curry returns from injury (and what any sensible Knick fan out there will be doing) is rooting like hell for Eddy Curry and not booing him as usual. Hopefully, D’Antoni makes Curry the focal point of the offense when he returns from his injury within the next game or 2. If he plays well in the next month and half until the February 19th deadline he will be valuable enough to be traded. If he is the focal point of the offense and Curry stays healthy Eddy will put up his usual scoring numbers of somewhere around 18 ppg. If he puts up those kind of numbers there is going to be some (sucker) GM out there that will trade for the 6’11 290+ pound big man. The (sucker) GM will over look the fact that Curry has been over weight throughout his career and he will over look the fact that at 6’11 he can’t block shots or grab rebounds. Hopefully, this (sucker) GM will only look at one fact and that is that he can flat out score from 5 feet away.

If the Knicks can move Curry for a contract that expires before the 2010 season they will be able to afford two big superstars OR a big superstar and maybe two other All Star caliber players. Imagine a team with an Amare and LeBron or a Bosh and LeBron or Amare and Wade or Amare, Wade and Nash or Amare, Josh Howard and Tony Parker or a starting lineup of Amare, Bosh, Wilson Chandler, Jason Richardson and Duhon or getting Kirilenko, LeBron and Jason Richardson or Richard Jefferson, LeBron and Jason Richardson…..I know, I know I am getting ahead of myself but these kind of things never happen to my favorite teams (Knicks, Jets, and Mets) and it IS acutally possible. So let’s here some cheers at the Garden for Eddy Curry……EDDY!!! EDDY!!! EDDY!!! EDDY!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Highlights of Knicks beating BASTIN

Wilson Chandler, Al Harrington both were kicking some Celtic butt + KG was in and out of the game with foul trouble and injuries = Knicks shock Celtics

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Patrick Ewing Jr. Soon?

Reported by (the best Knicks beat writer out there) Howard Beck of the NY Times - Mr. Walsh is applying for something called a "disabled-player exception" for Cuttino Mobley. Cuttino Mobley was acquired in the Zach Randolph trade then found out afterwards that he had a heart condition which forced him to retire. If the NBA grants the Knicks this "disabled-player exception" it will give the Knicks $4.3 million chip to use in a trade or a free agent signing. This will free up a roster spot, which they will hopefully use on Patrick Ewing Jr. Young Pat is starting to tear up the D-League in his last game he posted a stat line of 21 points (9-17 shooting), 11 rebounds (2 offensive), 3 steals and 1 block. He is currently averaging 12 pts, 7.9 rbs, 2.6 assists, 1.6 steals, and .9 blocks per game in his 7 game stint since joining the Reno Bighorns (haha yes the teams name is Bighorns).

Hey Mr. Walsh, Let Stephon Rot

The exciting way the Knicks have been playing (even though they are losing) have made Knick fans forget about their "star" point guard Stephon Marbury. There have been even more reports that if the Knicks buy out Stephon "ME" Marbury that the BASTIN Celtics would pick him up. The Celtics would only have to pay Marbury the minimum salary. (Side rant……I am tired of every media outlet making Marbury out to be the victim in this "saga", he made his bed now he is laying in it!!)

Memo to Mr. Walsh DO NOT BUY OUT MARBURY!!! If you buy out Stephon and the Celtics do indeed pick him up the pain us Knick fans would feel would be immeasurable when the Celtics win another championship. Just imagine Steph in Celtic green holding up the Larry O’Brien Trophy….. it is tough to do but I try not to think about things like that. For example for me it would be like when Keyshawn Johnson dissed the New York Jets (my favorite football team) and went on to win a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay …..that hurt.

What would the Knicks really accomplish by buying out the most selfish player in team history? The answer is absolutely nothing but an open roster spot. All it takes is just one point guard injury somewhere in the NBA to make a team desperate enough to trade for Marbury. If an injury to a starting point guard does not occur (before the February 19th deadline) it would be comforting enough to know that the tattooed head of Stephon "Me" Marbury finally got punished for all of his selfishness throughout his career and was docked an entire season.

You Just Got Lee'd

David Lee with the steal, behind the back dribble losing Jarrett Jack and the one handed stuff. Jarrett Jack would get the last laugh though beating the Knicks with a last second jumper in Duhon's face.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

The "Shut Down" Defender

This is from probably about two years ago but this shows Jared Jeffries' shut down defensive skills. Is this guy really still worth a roster spot?

Pick Patrick Ewing Jr. back up and at the very least Ewing Jr. will block some shots and dunk it on some guys. The Knicks aren't going anywhere anyway so why not have some fun doing it?

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