Saturday, December 27, 2008

Knicks Fall to T-Wolves

Sorry for not writing for a while but I have been real busy with a lot of personal matters and was not able to sit at a computer for an extended period of time but now I’m back (and totally free of MVN-Father Knickerbocker restrictions)

The Knicks were embarrassed last night at the Garden dropping their 5th straight game 120-107 to the garbage Timberwolves. Sebastian "Should’ve Went to College" Telfair, Rashad "All of a Sudden has Allan Houston's 3 Point Stroke" McCants, and Al "Better Be an All Star" Jefferson killed the Knicks and held off New York’s 4th quarter comeback. The Knicks are now unfortunately in a familiar place in their division again….last place. Telfair had 20 points, 8 assists and 3 steals, Rashad McCants had 23 points knocking down seven….yes seven three point shots, and Al Jefferson did his usual thing with 21 points and 15 boards.

Al Harrington, who has been outstanding since coming to New York, dropped 26 last night hitting 10 of 21 shots. Harrington should definitely be kept around for years to come he is part of the solution.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter Telfair drove down the lane for an easy "and 1" lay in "Double" Lee was late on the help defense and committed the foul. There was an immediate time out by D'Antoni. Coach D'Antoni was furious screaming at Lee to a point where Lee went to walk out of the huddle but was pulled back by Tim Thomas. Lee then came back out on the floor and responded with 3 rebounds (1 offensive) and hitting 3 of 4 free throws in the next 30 seconds of the game. It is so nice to have a coach who knows how to coach and its nice to have a coach who knows what buttons to push on certain players.


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