Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If The Knicks Want to Win....This Guy Has To Go

Jared Jeffries is the worst player on the team. Sorry for being that blunt about it but that’s what I do. There’s no reason to beat around the bush about the second worst free agent signing in franchise history (the first is obviously Jerome James). Jeffries is soooo over rated defensively, he is a stick at 6’11 and 211 pounds, he has no hands (can’t catch a pass in traffic at all), he can’t shoot (terrible free throw shooter), he’s an awkward runner, he can’t rebound, and he always has a dumb founded look on his face.

Jeffries was brought here by Isiah Thomas to be a shut down defender. The only thing Jeffries has shut down as a Knick was Carmello Anthony’s pride. Jeffries wouldn’t stop going after Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony after Melo sucker punched Mardy Collins. I will always respect Jeffries as a person for sticking up for his teammate but just because you do that does not mean you have game.

The Knicks aren’t going to win for another few years with their management and the entire NBA eyeing 2010. However, if Jared Jeffries has consistent minutes in the rotation even with LeBron or Amare on their way to the Knicks they will never win. Jeffries will be under contract for the 2010 season even with his player option for that year…..do you really think he’s not going to exercise that? He will never receive a contract close to the 5 year $30 million contract he currently has for the rest of his career…..mark my words.


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