Wednesday, November 05, 2008

You Think Marbury Should Play for the Knicks? Then You Do Not Know What You Are Talking About

A few "expert" beat writers and also talk radio "experts" out there say play MARBURY?!?!?! They are mainly saying "well if you are going to lose games why not play Marbury so you can win some." Excuse me?!? If you have watched any bit of the NBA over the last ten years or any Knick game at least over the last few years you would know that Stephon Marbury's teams do not win....EVER!!!

First off the guy left his team hanging last year with nothing!! Not to mention it was in Phoenix against guess who.....current coach Mike D'Antoni. D'Antoni knows first hand all about Steph's selfishness and how he deserted this team last season. Also Steph was on Phoenix with D'Antoni before D'Antoni had him traded just a few games into the season he had see something then also. Do not forget about what he did to his boy Kevin Garnett leaving him out in the cold in Minnesota so he can make his money (you think he regrets that now?).

Marbury does have the most talent on this team BY FAR but the Knicks are 1-2 because they don't play defense not because Stephon Marbury isn't on the floor. Chris Duhon has never been a full time starter in this league before so relax and let him gain some valuable experience. Mardy Collins has never had any real playing time in his young career so why not let him get experience also? You have to give Duhon and Collins at least 20-30 games before you can say they are terrible and cry for Marbury. If you put Marbury in now then all you will do is take away playing time from Duhon, Collins and Nate Robinson (who was born for this system) and retard their growth even more (Isiah and Larry Brown already messed up Collins and Nate enough).

If Marbury gets in he's just going to do what he usually does and that is shoot at the wrong times and overly embarrass his teammates for making a mistake. Steph can not be on a young team trying to learn the ropes of the NBA. He's been on several teams and they always get better when he gets traded. Again please understand that it has only been 3 games!!!!!

New York is in rebuilding mode and everybody seemed to know that before the season started. Also everybody seemed to understand it was about gaining experience for the young guys and winning games is not a priority right now. Yet after 3 games there are all these so called "experts" out there who say Marbury should be on the floor. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?!?!?! The priority right now (I feel like a broken record) is to cut salary by 2010 while making the fans as happy as possible while they lose some games over the next 2 seasons.

Bottom line the Knicks are in full rebuilding mode so there are going to be some struggles. I know Knick fans are the most passionate fans in the world that doesn't like the losing (and I am one of them) but YOU HAVE TO BE PATIENT. Putting Stephon Marbury in will only push that elusive championship further away from us fans in the future.

**Keep him on the bench in a suit and let him not play and suffer. Let him "get all his money" while being embarrassed. Anything Marbury says about how he wishes Larry Brown was still coach blah, blah HE IS ONLY SAYING WHAT HE KNOWS WILL GET UNDER DOLAN'S SKIN DO NOT LISTEN TO A WORD HE SAYS**


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