Friday, November 28, 2008

"Star"bury Suspended 1 Game

Stephon Marbury was suspended one game by the team for refusing to go into the game. The Knicks are treating Stephon the way he deserves to get treated because he left the team last year high and dry in Phoenix. At least now he is getting docked some of his massive contract even if it just for one game. Several players (Q-Rich) have come out recently expressing their dislike for Steph for the way he has acted and the way he is acting so screw Marbury let him rot on the bench.

The Knicks are treating Stephon terrible and that if they want to attract LeBron or anybody else in 2010 then they have to treat him right. The idiots on Fox's "Sports Extra" show or the NY Post are saying things like this and they do not know what they are talking about. If anybody else out there is saying this then they are down right stupid as well and should not be taken seriously when covering the Knicks.

So after Stephon did what he did last year in Phoenix and rejected an offer to actually play this year I'd just let him rot on the bench for the season. Put him on the disabled list or suspend him for the season for "conduct detrimental to the team" because I'd rather see Jerome James in uniform sitting on the bench then Marburys tattooed head. Hey it's not like the Knicks are looking to win this year or next year so to say this is a distraction to the "team" then you are down right stupid as well. Also to simply buy out Marbury would just be giving him his wish and he'll sign with Boston the next day and win a championship and Knick fans honestly how would that make you feel? I rest my case.


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