Saturday, November 22, 2008

Reaction To Trades

As I am sure you have heard by now the Knicks dumped their salaries and their 2 best players Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford. They traded Jamal Crawford to Golden State straight up for Al Harrington and they traded Zach Randolph and Mardy Collins to Clipperland (sucks for them) for Cuttino Mobley (great lefty shooter) and former Knick (ball hog) Tim Thomas. In trading their top two scorers they essentially have packed it in for the next two years but being the die hard fan that I am what am I supposed to do for the next two years?

I love basketball and I love the Knicks and I'm still going to be watching the games but I am not particularly happy in the short term about having a crappy team once again. However, the great start the Knicks got off to basically raised the value of their players and made it easier for Mr. Walsh to pull the trigger on these trades.

As fans we have to sacrifice the short term for the long term. So when we have LeBron or D-Wade or both we will not be upset about not competing for the '08-'09 and '09-'10 seasons they will be distant memories.

Another point is that the Knicks still have to keep some sort of talent on this squad to attract these free agents. They must resign Wilson Chandler in that same 2010 offseason who will be a restricted free agent. LeBron or anybody won't want to come to a team with a bunch of C and D level players and wait a few years to win.

Now all the Knicks have to do is get rid of Eddy "Oliver Miller" Curry but the likely hood of that happening is slim to none......BUY HIM OUT!!!!

Notable 2010 Unrestricted Free Agents

Kendrick Perkins - Celtics (no thanks)
Paul Pierce - Celtics (not going to leave BASTIN)
Jason Richardson - Bobcats (could work)
Lebron James - The LeBrons (I'll pick u up myself)
Delonte West - The LeBrons (no thanks)
Josh Howard - Mavericks (maybe)
Dirk Nowitzki - Mavericks (no thanks softest "superstar" in the league)
Kenyon Martin - Nuggets (no thanks)
J.R. Smith - Nuggets (no thanks)

Kelenna Azubuike - Warriors (ehh no thanks)
Shane Battier - Rockets (no thanks, can someone iron his wrinkley head...JUST KIDDING)
Yao Ming - Rockets (Houston is going to throw every dollar they had at him)
T.J. Ford - Pacers (sure great pass first point guard if Duhon doesn't continue to improve)
Pau Gasol - Lakers (Ga"soft" as Stephen A. Smith calls him will probably stay in L.A. L.A. land)

Dwyane Wade - Heat (Hop in the car with LeBron I'll drive you guys on over here)
Richard Jefferson - Bucks (could be a nice fall back option if N.Y. doesn't sign a big name at SF)
Luc Mbah a Moute - Bucks (solid player could fit nice)
Sebastian Telfair - T-Wolves (I think the Knicks are done with this gene pool, you should've went to college!!)
Tyson Chandler - Hornets (CP3's favorite teammate and great shot blocker...he is not going anywhere)
Peja Stojakovic - Hornets (he will be 150 in two years no thanks)
Amare Stoudemire - Suns (Probably will resign with Phoenix but he loves D'Antoni so hmmm)
Tony Parker - Spurs (The luckiest man in the world Mr. Eva Longoria will stay in San Antonio)
Chris Bosh - Raptors (Under rated great player will probably want to leave Toronoto....let's try and bring him in)
Andrei Kirilenko - Jazz (probably the 3rd best defender in the league behind K.G. and Artest)

Caron Butler - Wizards (has bounced around enough already in his young career will probably stay in Washington)
DeShawn Stevenson - Wizards (to full of himself and has beef with LeBron so no thanks)


Anonymous Dan S said...

I love the moves. They set us up in a great spot to sign some big free agents and I still think they have a decent team this season. Mobley, Thomas, Harrington won't score as much as Crawford, Randolph but they will play some defense and move the ball better then Randolph and Crawford. Thomas and Mobley are also very good 3 pt. shooters for the perimeter.

11/23/2008 11:51 AM  

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