Saturday, October 25, 2008

Patrick Ewing Jr.'s Posterization of Brook Lopez

If Patrick Ewing Jr.'s dunk on Brook Lopez isn't enough to make the team I don't know what is. Any fan of the Knicks knows how this story goes if he doesn’t make this squad he will get picked up by another team without a doubt and stick it to the Knicks every chance he gets (it’s happened way to many times). I mean his two posterizing dunks this preseason should be enough alone to make this rebuilding team (not to mention his solid D). The first was a huge put back dunk on “Big Baby” & the Celtics, which opened eyes around the league. The second was this monstrous dunk on fellow rookie Brook Lopez flying down the sidelines the way his pops used to do it. In the words of Lil’ Wayne, Ewing Jr. is definitely “stuntin’ like his Daddy” lighting up the Garden with his (in Clyde’s words) “Master Blasters." Patrick is already a fan favorite and this dunk was number 1 on Sportscenter’s top plays (It means nothing but as a fan it brings a smile to my face). Since the Knicks front office has no plans on winning for the next two years anyway why not lose with some monster dunks and some fun right?

If you haven't seen it yet click here and check it out. I'm usually able to post videos on here sorry for the inconvenience but for some reason youtube didn't let me post this one.


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