Saturday, June 28, 2008

Get Rid Of Steph

Stephon Marbury needs to go no ifs ands or buts about it. When he was brought to the Knicks it was like "OH MY GOD WE HAVE STEPH!!!!" now we are saying the same thing but in a different way "OH MY GOD WE HAVE STEPH!!." Get this guy out of town and get him out fast Mr. Walsh please. He is not the guy to run the show. He is very very talented but talent was never the issue with this guy. I don’t think he went to class once for his entire time at Lincoln High School because he is as clearly as dumb as bricks. He is to basketball what former Quarterback Jeff George was to football, described as the million-dollar talent with a ten-cent head.

At this point if the Knicks don’t pick up a veteran point guard I’d be more then happy with a point guard by committee. We are in a rebuilding phase and we aren't going to win anyway so what do the Knicks get out of starting Steph?

D’Antoni could rotate Nasty Nate, J-Crawford, and Mardy Collins at the point.

Also people are saying that Gallinari could be a point forward in the mold of a Lamar Odom or the man who coined the position point forward Scottie Pippen. Only time will tell with Gallinari he is 19!!

If that is the case there is no room for "Star"bury on this team. If there are no suitors for his services via trade, let him sit for a year and let his contract come off the books. You don’t want to buy him out this season because knowing how my favorite teams work (Knicks, Jets, and Mets) he will end up winning a title with Boston, L.A. or Cleveland next season. I don’t think, check that, I WON’T be able to handle that.


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