Tuesday, November 06, 2007


What a game, what a gaaaaame, I was blessed to be able to attend. The Knicks were down by 10 on three separate occasions and managed to come back every time. I was hoping for a hard foul to ignite another brawl but it's good for the NBA that didn't occur. There was one play when J.R. Smith went up on a fast break and Steph fouled him relatively hard, but they both just held their arms up and walked away from each other like nothing happend(wusses). Zach Randolph led the charge with his best game as a Knick and maybe of his career with 22 points and 17 rebounds!! This is why we got rid of Channing "Softy" Frye (who was the 9th pick in the draft!!!!) for a solid low post player and soon to be All-Star power foward. Four of the Knicks scored over 20 points(Randolph 22, Curry 24, Marbury 21, and Crawford 25) seriously, when was the last time you could say that. Balkman was one of the main sparks in the 4th quarter that helped the Knicks volt passed the Nuggets. What's amazing too is that Eddy Curry actually BLOCKED A SHOT!!!! Amazing I know, I pinched myself about three times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. New York did have trouble stopping one of the greatest players of this era Allen Iverson, he dropped 32 points. A.I. hit impossible shots throughout this game, some of them just weren't even fair to the defense. Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony played pretty well with 24 points and 9 assists, he also led the game in boos. I wanted to bring a sign that said "HEY MELLO, HITTING AND RUNNING IS ILLEGAL" but I was sitting in the 300's so nobody would have seen it anyway. It was also great to stick it to Georgo Karl who called Isiah a jack ass, he is right but in my mind only Knicks fans have a right to call him names. It was really surprising to see Coach Karl get his head out of Larry Browns ass long enough to coach this game. All and all, when the Knicks starting lineup scores like this, when Crawford has 8 assists and Steph has 9, there's not many teams in the league that can beat them. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself (it is the 3rd game) but this team showed me something tonight against a solid Western Conference team.


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