Friday, November 09, 2007

Where's The D!?!?

In doing a preview of the first ten games I said this "11/09 - Friday - VS Orlando - 7:30 - MSG - Dwight Howard vs Curry & Randolph, Howard can probably jump over both of them" I didn't think it was actually possible. Honestly, I was just trying to be funny but after watching Dwight once again, I believe it now, he can jump over anybody and out run any big man. "Every time we got impatient Orlando capitalized on our impatience" said Isiah Thomas in the post-game press conference, he couldn't be more right. Bottom line Curry can't keep up with Dwight Howard who is the best big man in the game today no matter what anybody says. Howard is better then Yao better then Shaq right now he is simply the best. The Knicks have the scoring to keep up with the elite teams in the league but absolutely do not have the defense. Richardson and Curry had 19 and Zach Randolph aka Mr. Doubles had another double double going for 23 and 13, sounds good right? However, four players on the Magic scored over 20 points and Dwight Howard had 20 boards, yes 20 rebounds. So again the Knicks need to get tougher defensively. Maybe Isiah should pop in some old tapes of the Knicks in the 90s to learn a little bit about how to play some tough defense. Or maybe the Knicks should just bring back Jeff Van Gundy to show these guys first hand.


Blogger coach said...

howard was awesome vs. the knicks. if eddy curry wants to be an all star this season , he must play better ball than last night. his rebounding was non existent !

11/10/2007 4:05 PM  

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