Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Zach + Brain Dead PG = No W

The Knicks blew tonight's boring, slow moving, unexciting game mainly because they didn't have Zach Randolph and Stephon Marbury does not care. Randolph was out for this one due to the death of his Grandma, his 20 points per game where missed especially towards the end of the game. It seemed like nothing exciting happend this entire game, no player on either team scored over 20 points. It also felt a little like the old Knicks/Heat games of the 90s, except for the fact that those games were exciting. Whether it was Ewing dunking over Mourning or PJ Brown power bombing Charlie Ward, there never seemed to be a dull moment. The only exciting part of this Knicks/Heat game was the final seconds. When effectivly Marbury and the Knicks blew the game. If the Knicks want to be a contender, Marbury can't take jumper after jumper or 3 ball after 3 ball with 20 seconds left on the shot clock(like he always does). He always does this at the worst possible times, for example, the Denver game. He shot a 20 footer with about 20 left on the clock, but he got lucky and was bailed out by Balkman's offensive board. Steph also did it tonight time after time throwing up shots that Clyde would call dubious. Yeah he did make a couple 3s, however, just throwing it up and praying it goes in, is not the best strategy. Marbury is turning into a joke, he shows no enthusiasm and doesn't seem to care about anything. So Steph if you don't wanna be here don't tease us with good play from time to time and waste our 2 years, just go to Italy now.


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