Tuesday, November 13, 2007


With possibly the final chapter of the Stephon Saga soon approaching(soon to be traded), Zach Randolph aka Mr. Doubles still attending to family matters and the Knicks playing at one of the best teams in the league(Suns) you knew there was no chance from the start. All you had to do was look at the starting lineups, the Knicks were missing 3 of their 5 and the Suns have 4 former All Stars. Not to mention the stereotypical NBA ref trying to steal the limelight. Joe Crawford called foul after foul on the Knicks mainly Curry(sometimes just for breathing). Joe Crawford is also the same guy who got suspended last year for kicking the nicest guy in the L out of a game(Tim Duncan) for simply laughing on the bench!! What this Ref Joe Crawford doesn't understand is that as fans we don't watch the games or go to the games to see the officals dominate the action!!! So it's all good then we have the start of a new era for the Knicks we have a new starting point guard Mardy Collins a young guy hey you never know, oh wait, he was hurt half way through the 1st quarter. Also to top it off Renaldo Balkman hurt his ankle towards the end of the 4th, with all that said the Knicks had no shot. As a Knick fan it almost feels like we are cursed(the curse of Patrick Ewing perhaps?). There was a few bright spots though, Fred Jones showed he can play well(when he gets more then 2 minutes in 4 games) and Wilson Chandler looked like he can be a noticable young talented player who can see more significant minutes in the future.

So now the trade talk for Marbury starts. How about Steph to L.A. for Odom? Or Steph to Sacramento for Artest or Bibby? Obviously these trades wouldn't be straight up, one player for one player, since the NBA has the annoying restrictions of trading equal salaries. All of this is anybodys guess. However, if you see Stephonie Marbury(yes Stephonie) in a Knick uniform again I will be in shock. I am also currently searching for my recipt for my $50 dollar Marbury jersey I purchased a few years ago.


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