Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marbury Fined

Stephon Marbury was fined $180,000 for not showing up to the Suns game last night. He apparently has flown to L.A. to participate in tonights game against the Clippers. Marbury also threatened to black mail his coach saying something like, I got so much stuff on him. Way to go Steph you are proving to everybody you are selfish and one of your biggest backers(me click here for a article I wrote on Steph defending him now can't stand you. Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio today brought up a great point about Marbury. Smith said that look at 30 + guards in the recent history of this league particularly in Detroit Joe Dumars was benched for a young Allan Houston and Isiah Thomas was benched for a young Lindsay Hunter!!!! There becomes a time in every players life when you just lose a step or you just have to earn your starting spot back. Marbury being the selfish, psycho, crybaby that he is believes he is above all of that.



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