Friday, November 02, 2007

Horrible Loss

What a disheartening loss for the Knicks in their season opener. Lebron was Lebron dropping 45 of on the Knicks D and Boobie Gibson dropped a career high with 24. The Knicks where neck and neck with the Lebrons all night untill the end of the game. The game broke open a little bit when the Knicks where burned on some questionable calls under the basket. One in particular on Eddy Curry when he got mugged by Big Doof (I mean Big Z). Following that call the Cavs ended up going on a little run and up by 8, a lead the Knicks couldn't over come that late in the 4th. However, if the Knicks where at least average from the line they would have won this game. So an 0-5 by Curry at the line + a 60.9% free throw percentage as a team = 0-1 start to New York's season.


Blogger coach said...

that is a won game that the knicks gave away. anyho , the game last night showed that new york is for real this time !
btw, i follow rwligiously the c's , the knicks and nets aside from the raps of course !

11/03/2007 11:51 AM  

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