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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Apparently the entire New York Knicks basketball team was asked to leave practice and they all complied. Isiah Thomas threw all of them out for not playing hard. Can you really blame them? First "Coach" Thomas takes a team vote to see if they want Stephon Marbury(who walked out on the team the day before) still on the team, they voted unanimously, NO. So what does Isiah do? He effectively invites Stephonie Marbury back to the team. Thomas you have lost this squad, step aside and find another coach, or simply take a walk. As of now on what has just taken place, the team walk out, it is clear as long as Isiah Thomas is coach of the Knicks they will never be a contending team.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Letter to Isiah

Below is a letter to Isiah Thomas speaking on behalf of Knick fans everywhere.

Dear Isiah,

Ok, "Coach" and Prez as a fan I need an explanation. I need an explanation not to why did you bench Marbury, not to why did you fine Marbury $190,000, not to why did you welcome him back to the team and dress him for tonight's game against the Clippers. However, what I do need an explanation from you "Coach" Thomas, as a fan, is to why the hell is Marbury playing and why is he in in the final minutes of the game?!?!?!?! This guy just disrespected you to the fullest extent of the word by walking out on you and the team like a 12 year old boy and oh yeah threatened to black mail you!!! Stephon has no desire to win, his body language shows he does not care, what's the point of putting this loser on the court?!?! Come on if you put him on the court you know he is going to take the final shot You know he is going to ruin whatever play you called, just to take it to the hoop trying to be the hero.

You don't know how to draw up a play on an inbounds pass. You waste your final time out for nothing. If you were smart you would step aside and bring back JEFF VAN GUNDY!!! Oh wait if the Knicks hire a new coach you probably won't be around anymore. Life sucks doesn't it? Oh and what's so funny every press conference even if they lose you smile?!?!?! You always have that dumb ass smile on no matter what happens, no matter what the significanse of the loss is, it is eating away at me and all of us Knick fans. Please do something now!! What it is we want you to do is take a hike.


Alex Benesowitz and every smart Knick fan out there


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Marbury Fined

Stephon Marbury was fined $180,000 for not showing up to the Suns game last night. He apparently has flown to L.A. to participate in tonights game against the Clippers. Marbury also threatened to black mail his coach saying something like, I got so much stuff on him. Way to go Steph you are proving to everybody you are selfish and one of your biggest backers(me click here for a article I wrote on Steph defending him now can't stand you. Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio today brought up a great point about Marbury. Smith said that look at 30 + guards in the recent history of this league particularly in Detroit Joe Dumars was benched for a young Allan Houston and Isiah Thomas was benched for a young Lindsay Hunter!!!! There becomes a time in every players life when you just lose a step or you just have to earn your starting spot back. Marbury being the selfish, psycho, crybaby that he is believes he is above all of that.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007


With possibly the final chapter of the Stephon Saga soon approaching(soon to be traded), Zach Randolph aka Mr. Doubles still attending to family matters and the Knicks playing at one of the best teams in the league(Suns) you knew there was no chance from the start. All you had to do was look at the starting lineups, the Knicks were missing 3 of their 5 and the Suns have 4 former All Stars. Not to mention the stereotypical NBA ref trying to steal the limelight. Joe Crawford called foul after foul on the Knicks mainly Curry(sometimes just for breathing). Joe Crawford is also the same guy who got suspended last year for kicking the nicest guy in the L out of a game(Tim Duncan) for simply laughing on the bench!! What this Ref Joe Crawford doesn't understand is that as fans we don't watch the games or go to the games to see the officals dominate the action!!! So it's all good then we have the start of a new era for the Knicks we have a new starting point guard Mardy Collins a young guy hey you never know, oh wait, he was hurt half way through the 1st quarter. Also to top it off Renaldo Balkman hurt his ankle towards the end of the 4th, with all that said the Knicks had no shot. As a Knick fan it almost feels like we are cursed(the curse of Patrick Ewing perhaps?). There was a few bright spots though, Fred Jones showed he can play well(when he gets more then 2 minutes in 4 games) and Wilson Chandler looked like he can be a noticable young talented player who can see more significant minutes in the future.

So now the trade talk for Marbury starts. How about Steph to L.A. for Odom? Or Steph to Sacramento for Artest or Bibby? Obviously these trades wouldn't be straight up, one player for one player, since the NBA has the annoying restrictions of trading equal salaries. All of this is anybodys guess. However, if you see Stephonie Marbury(yes Stephonie) in a Knick uniform again I will be in shock. I am also currently searching for my recipt for my $50 dollar Marbury jersey I purchased a few years ago.


Stephon Marbury has been benched and Mardy Collins will start in place of him(finally). Steph being the cry baby that he is did not show up for morning shoot around and the Knicks don't know where he is. The word is Eddy Curry may be benched as well. However, that is unlikely considering Zach Randolph still won't be in the lineup due to the death of his Grandma. So Mardy Collings who is much better defensively then Steph will have the near impossible task of facing Steve Nash, Leonard Barbosa and the Suns.......YIKES!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

No Zach + Brain Dead PG = No W

The Knicks blew tonight's boring, slow moving, unexciting game mainly because they didn't have Zach Randolph and Stephon Marbury does not care. Randolph was out for this one due to the death of his Grandma, his 20 points per game where missed especially towards the end of the game. It seemed like nothing exciting happend this entire game, no player on either team scored over 20 points. It also felt a little like the old Knicks/Heat games of the 90s, except for the fact that those games were exciting. Whether it was Ewing dunking over Mourning or PJ Brown power bombing Charlie Ward, there never seemed to be a dull moment. The only exciting part of this Knicks/Heat game was the final seconds. When effectivly Marbury and the Knicks blew the game. If the Knicks want to be a contender, Marbury can't take jumper after jumper or 3 ball after 3 ball with 20 seconds left on the shot clock(like he always does). He always does this at the worst possible times, for example, the Denver game. He shot a 20 footer with about 20 left on the clock, but he got lucky and was bailed out by Balkman's offensive board. Steph also did it tonight time after time throwing up shots that Clyde would call dubious. Yeah he did make a couple 3s, however, just throwing it up and praying it goes in, is not the best strategy. Marbury is turning into a joke, he shows no enthusiasm and doesn't seem to care about anything. So Steph if you don't wanna be here don't tease us with good play from time to time and waste our 2 years, just go to Italy now.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Miami Remembers This

Jamal Crawford's 52 points against the Heat with Dwayne Wade. I don't want to hear any excuses if the Knicks win Sunday that they didn't have Wade.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Where's The D!?!?

In doing a preview of the first ten games I said this "11/09 - Friday - VS Orlando - 7:30 - MSG - Dwight Howard vs Curry & Randolph, Howard can probably jump over both of them" I didn't think it was actually possible. Honestly, I was just trying to be funny but after watching Dwight once again, I believe it now, he can jump over anybody and out run any big man. "Every time we got impatient Orlando capitalized on our impatience" said Isiah Thomas in the post-game press conference, he couldn't be more right. Bottom line Curry can't keep up with Dwight Howard who is the best big man in the game today no matter what anybody says. Howard is better then Yao better then Shaq right now he is simply the best. The Knicks have the scoring to keep up with the elite teams in the league but absolutely do not have the defense. Richardson and Curry had 19 and Zach Randolph aka Mr. Doubles had another double double going for 23 and 13, sounds good right? However, four players on the Magic scored over 20 points and Dwight Howard had 20 boards, yes 20 rebounds. So again the Knicks need to get tougher defensively. Maybe Isiah should pop in some old tapes of the Knicks in the 90s to learn a little bit about how to play some tough defense. Or maybe the Knicks should just bring back Jeff Van Gundy to show these guys first hand.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Curry dunks on Darko's Face

Look out Darko there's more of where that came from tom. night.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


What a game, what a gaaaaame, I was blessed to be able to attend. The Knicks were down by 10 on three separate occasions and managed to come back every time. I was hoping for a hard foul to ignite another brawl but it's good for the NBA that didn't occur. There was one play when J.R. Smith went up on a fast break and Steph fouled him relatively hard, but they both just held their arms up and walked away from each other like nothing happend(wusses). Zach Randolph led the charge with his best game as a Knick and maybe of his career with 22 points and 17 rebounds!! This is why we got rid of Channing "Softy" Frye (who was the 9th pick in the draft!!!!) for a solid low post player and soon to be All-Star power foward. Four of the Knicks scored over 20 points(Randolph 22, Curry 24, Marbury 21, and Crawford 25) seriously, when was the last time you could say that. Balkman was one of the main sparks in the 4th quarter that helped the Knicks volt passed the Nuggets. What's amazing too is that Eddy Curry actually BLOCKED A SHOT!!!! Amazing I know, I pinched myself about three times to make sure I wasn't dreaming. New York did have trouble stopping one of the greatest players of this era Allen Iverson, he dropped 32 points. A.I. hit impossible shots throughout this game, some of them just weren't even fair to the defense. Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony played pretty well with 24 points and 9 assists, he also led the game in boos. I wanted to bring a sign that said "HEY MELLO, HITTING AND RUNNING IS ILLEGAL" but I was sitting in the 300's so nobody would have seen it anyway. It was also great to stick it to Georgo Karl who called Isiah a jack ass, he is right but in my mind only Knicks fans have a right to call him names. It was really surprising to see Coach Karl get his head out of Larry Browns ass long enough to coach this game. All and all, when the Knicks starting lineup scores like this, when Crawford has 8 assists and Steph has 9, there's not many teams in the league that can beat them. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself (it is the 3rd game) but this team showed me something tonight against a solid Western Conference team.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Isiah Thomas on B*tches

So, uh, what exactly are you saying?

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Knicks Win Home Opener

The stars were out in full force at the Garden for a very entertaining home opener that was fun to watch. So if you were watching the Patriots/Colts game (most likely you were) you missed a fun one. You missed Jamal Crawford on top of his game crossing Marco Jaric and Rashad McCants all night long. Crawford ended up dropping 24 and adding 7 assists. Also Mr. Double Double Zach Randolph scored 15 and grabbed 10 boards. The Knicks improved also on their dreadfull free throw shooting improving to a decent, but not good enough 76.9% from the line. Eddy Curry went 2-6 from the line, I wouldn't say that was an improvement from the first game going 0-5, but hey at least he made 2. In order for the Knicks to continue to win games Curry needs the ball down low more and Randolph has to stop shooting 20 footers with nobody underneath the hoop. If they do that, as well as improve on their free throw shooting, this team definitly will make the playoffs. Then again, they beat the Timberwolves who are going to be fantastically terrible the entire season. With all that said it still feels good to have a win.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Horrible Loss

What a disheartening loss for the Knicks in their season opener. Lebron was Lebron dropping 45 of on the Knicks D and Boobie Gibson dropped a career high with 24. The Knicks where neck and neck with the Lebrons all night untill the end of the game. The game broke open a little bit when the Knicks where burned on some questionable calls under the basket. One in particular on Eddy Curry when he got mugged by Big Doof (I mean Big Z). Following that call the Cavs ended up going on a little run and up by 8, a lead the Knicks couldn't over come that late in the 4th. However, if the Knicks where at least average from the line they would have won this game. So an 0-5 by Curry at the line + a 60.9% free throw percentage as a team = 0-1 start to New York's season.


11/02 - Friday - @ THE LEBRONS (CAVS) - 7:30 - MSG - They have a player thats pretty good maybe you've heard of him.
11/04 - Sunday - VS T-Wolves - 6:00 - MSG - Garnett-less Wolves
11/06 - Tuesday - VS Denver - 7:30 - MSG - First game against Nuggets since brawl
11/09 - Friday - VS Orlando - 7:30 - MSG - Dwight Howard vs Curry & Randolph, Howard can probably jump over both of them.
11/11 - Sunday - VS Miami - 6:00 - MSG - Hopefully Wade will still be hurt.
11/13 - Tuesday - @ Phoenix - 9:00 - MSG - AHHH!!
11/14 - Wednesday - @ LA Clippers - 10:30 - MSG - Elton Brand out (ruptured achilles) equals Curry and Zach dominating Chris Kaman
11/16 - Friday - @ Sacramento - 10:00 - MSG - Ron-Ron will be scheduled to be coming back from his (BS) suspension.
11/17 - Saturday - @ Denver - 9:00 - MSG 2 - Could a rivalry be brewing? Good thing they only play twice a year and this early in the year, this way the Knicks can avoid suspensions.
11/20 - Tuesday - VS Golden State - 7:30 - MSG - The Warriors play the way all of New York plays except the Knicks.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

1999 New York Knicks Finals Intro

It's hard to imagine now but the Knicks were in the finals less then 10 years ago. Ewing was hurt in the ECFs so thats why Camby is in the starting lineup.

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