Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kobe on the Market (for real this time)

Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss has been denying he was going to trade (the best player in the league) Kobe Bryant even since his comments he made this summer. However, one game into the preseason he took back his statement and said he would entertain offers for Kobe........WOW!! It has been 3 days since he made those comments and Kobe has not practiced since, hmmmmmmmmm. So now the big question where is he going to go? Dallas and Chicago appear to be the front runners but you can bet your last dollar Isiah has been on the phone with the Lakers.

Now I know what you are thinking how are the Knicks going to offer more then Dallas or Chicago? Well a trade to Dallas is unlikely because they are in the Western Conference and they would have to face Kobe 4 times a year and in the playoffs, even though it is known that Dallas owner Mark Cuban would trade Dirk the jerk for Kobe(definitely the best player available for Kobe).

Then there is Chicago who is loaded with young talent because of trading Eddy Curry and receiving three 1st round picks and more that the Knicks gave them. However, Kobe has a swollen head and going to Chicago would mean he would often be compared to Jordan and would always have to answer questions like, are you the best Bull of all time? Or comments like you never won as many as Jordan in Chicago did. With the "You can't win without Shaq" quote that admittingly bothers him, why would he want to add another one to nag at him?

Then there is the Knicks who don't have much to offer but overpaid players and draft picks. I know what you're thinking now, why would he want to come to the Knicks? Well remember a couple of years ago when Kobe was a free agent and almost signed with the Clippers? Kobe visited with the Knicks and the idea of playing in the greatest city in the world and in the most famous arena in the world was veeerrrryy intriguing to him. The Knicks of course where not able to offer him more money then the $5 million dollar salary cap exception because they are obviously way over the cap, so Kobe respectfully said no and ended up staying with the Lakers. New York City and L.A. are the largest markets in the country and coming to NYC will keep Kobe in the limelight. If the Knicks have the slightest chance to get Kobe right now, no player on the Knick team is safe, except Zach Randolph and Marbury(Marbury only because they wouldn't want him). Trade Eddy Curry, Jamal Crawford, David Lee a couple first rounders for him. There is no way the Lakers will get equal value for Kobe Bryant but maybe if they get a 3rd team involved, it could make the deal more attractive. The Knicks are dying for some good press after the embarrassing sexual harassment case(to see my take on that All in all I know I'm dreaming and if they ever did trade for Kobe I would probably be as surprised and happy as you. However, Kobe in New York would be a dream for the NBA and NY where basketball is loved more then anywhere else in the world.


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