Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Allan Houston Returns

After months of thinking if he should come back, or if he even could come back after a 2 year absence from the NBA, Allan Houston has officially returned to the New York Knicks. Houston was contacted by several teams inclulding New Jersey to make a comeback from his knee surgery. He seriously thought about joining the Nets, however, Houston is back home and it would have been odd and excruciating to see him in a Nets uniform. He chose to return because he wanted to go out on his own terms. Houston said,"After my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our fourth child last week, I realized that New York is where I am supposed to be, and the Knick uniform is the one I want to wear. I have seen the Garden in some of its best moments, and I truly believe that this team is on the verge of experiencing that again. This team is hungry and energetic. I hope to contribute in the weeks and months ahead." If Allan Houston can be a shade of his former All Star, 20 ppg self it could prove as a steal for the Knicks. It bolsters their bench at the 2 and obviously gives them a solid 3 point shooter(when you have the kind of jumper Houstons has you don't lose it in 2 years off). Maybe the Knicks should also think about bringing back his former coach Jeff Van Gundy if Isiah is not able to turn this around.


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