Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Knicks' (sorta) Rookie Morris Gets Arrested

Randolph Morris was pulled over in Kentucky after supposedly leaving a party with his former college buds. He was charged with reckless driving and paid a $100 fine. He was said to be driving 62 in a 45 and also failing to use a turn signal as he drove down an exit ramp. Big deal right, but he was said to have red eyes and smelled like alcohol so the fine folks at the Kentucky Police Department gave him a ticket. Morris has got to get his head on straight and stay away from the frat parties if he wants to have a prominent role on this Knicks squad. With the draft day trade of Zach Randolph the Knicks are packed with quality big men. If David Lee is fully recovered from his injury, Rendaldo Balkman continues to develop, if everybody stays healthy, and if first round pick Wilson Chandler can also impress in camp, it'll be a long season as a cheerleader on the Knicks bench for Randolph Morris. It seems like Jerome James and Randy Morris will become pretty close friends.


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