Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Isiah on Trial

This whole "case" that Browne Sanders has against Isiah Thomas just smells of another Kobe Bryant "case." Yes, I am putting case in quotations on purpose. Browne Sanders is filing a lawsuit against Isiah Thomas for giving her a kiss on the cheek during a 2005 game(YES THE CHEEK NOT HER LIPS OR HER PRIVATE AREAS!!!) and she pulled away and he said, "What no love today?" in supposedly a friendly manner. Browne Sanders made that whole incident awkward by pulling away, pulling away for what? Browne did you pull away because you thought he was going to strip you on the Madison Square Garden floor???? Let's be serious here. Browne digger, you know why? Browne Sanders you are a gold digger because you sought 6 million dollars to settle and not take this to court. SIX MILLION DOLLARS FOR A KISS ON THE CHEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hell I'm as straight as an arrow but I'll take a kiss on the cheek from Isiah Thomas for 6 mill. Isiah and Magic Johnson used to give a friendly kiss on the cheek to each other before every game, you think Magic is filling a lawsuit against Isiah or vice versa?!?!?!?!?! Browne Sanders you are setting women back 100s of years and it is ridiculous to put negative attention on Isiah that he does not deserve(he gets enough of it). Ms. Browne Sanders you know that Isiah Thomas is a rich and very powerful man. He is a well known man not just in basketball, but in the world. This is why you Browne Sanders along with the dumb broad from Colorado who slept with Kobe and called rape because he was simply Kobe Bryant are scum of the earth and you were not brought up right. I hope when all of this is said and done and Isiah is let go with no charges that he files a deformation of character suit against you BROWNE SANDERS. Then again he probably won't. Say what you want about Isiah but I'm sure he has enough class not too.

That is Browne Sanders on the right the "lady"
who is suing Isiah Thomas.


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