Saturday, March 10, 2007

Stevie Wonderfull

Buzzer Beater Volts Knicks into Tie for 8th Seed

Just seconds after getting flash backs of the Marbury miss against the Sonics, Steve Francis missed a free throw that seemingly ended the game. The Wizards answered with a missed free throw to give the Knicks new life. With Washington only up by two Francis goes behind the back on Antonio Daniels and drains the three as time expires, nothing but material touches the ball, swooosh. Francis then hopped to the scorers table and posed with his arms crossed, then was mobbed by his teamates. KNICKS WIN!! KNICKS WIN!! To top it off the Nets get trounced by San Antonio, the reeling Pacers lost again, all of that combined with Stevie's three, equals the Knicks in a tie for the final playoff spot.


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