Thursday, February 08, 2007

Where have you been? - Chris Childs

It's not really sad that Chris Childs will be remember mostly for one thing in his Knicks tenure, it is not his big free agent contract he signed, it is not his toughness, it is not that he couldn't stay healthy enough as a Knick to make a solid impact, it's the fact that he nearly broke Kobe's jaw with a solid right hook. As you chuckle in remembrance of one of the funniest moments in basketball history just remember, Chirs Childs was supposed to be more than that. In his second season in the league with the horrible Nets averaging career highs in both points(12.8 per game) and assists(7 per game) he signed a huge contract in the 1996 offseason with the New York Knicks (the same offseason they signed LJ and Houston). This was supposed to be it, a basketball championship finally to New York, where it BELONGS. However, he wasn't nearly as effective as the Knicks front office would have hoped, and he ended up splitting time with Charlie Ward. The next season he would lose that starting spot to Ward all together but still saw significant minutes off the bench. The end of Childs' tenure with the Knicks occured in a trade with the Raptors where the Knicks got two geezers at the time in Mark Jackson and Mugsy Bouges(who never played a game as a Knick but sat on the bench a couple of times). Chris Childs all in all was a perfect fit for New York for many reasons(attitude, style, toughness) too bad his play did not back up his huge contract and his career was not nearly as successfull as some thought it would be(he did become a millionare doing it so I'm sure he's not complaining and can you blame him?).


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