Thursday, February 15, 2007

So so so so so so so TYPICAL

Not changing the way they have been this entire year the Knicks laid an egg last night in Oakland. Getting beat down by the Warriors 120-101. Yeah there was a time in this game where the reserves, led by Nate Robinson and Renaldo Balkman took charge and brought them within as much as 8, but that was short lived. The Knicks got torched by Stephen Jackson(36 points) and Monta Ellis(23 points). Maybe the slow start had something to do with the second night of a double header, but I'm tired of the excuses. It just always happens you think that the Knicks with a big win can get going and make some noise with all the talent they have on this squad but then they just let you down. I hope that every single player on the roster feels like crap about this loss and they think about it throughout the All Star break, but who am I kidding? Who am I kidding to think that outside of a few players that this team actually has pride, if they do they sure have a horrible way of showing it.


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