Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nice Headbands

Nice orange headbands shows great togetherness that they will play together as a team. The headbands reminded me of when the mid 90 Knicks who would all shave their heads come playoff time, except of course "flat top" Pat Ewing, haha just joking around. The only difference between the mid 90s shaved head Knicks and the orange head band now Knicks is that the shaved head Knicks where actually a great team!!! Don't get me wrong the orange head band Knicks have a lot of young guys who can potentially be great, it's just a funny comparison. Oh yeah and before I forget, the most annoying player to play against is Mehmet Okur this guy just simply does not miss from three down the stretch against the Knicks, its ridiculous. Heart breaking losses have to stop too, if you are going to lose just get blown out it's killing us Knick fans!!!

Can you see him thinking "get the f*ck
off of me" at least the orange head bands
give them an attitude something they haven't
had in recent years

Houston dunking it down with the shaved
head those Knicks had an attitude and
swagger that was unmatched


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea Okur killed us. He did the same to Atlanta yesterday. This Knicks 2007 have got to read the scouting reports of the most dangerous players behind the arc. We can't keep on losing games like that, when up by 10 points or so. By Anti-nysportsnews

2/13/2007 1:18 PM  

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