Monday, February 26, 2007

The Most Frustrating Show on T.V.

Yup you guessed it, it's my New York Knicks. After a loss like last nights it just makes you want to throw something. The Knicks were seemingly in control last night, then one 3, then two 3s by "Wince" Carter in the 3rd Quarter and there was really no reason to watch the rest of the game. The Nets outscored the Knicks in the 3rd quarter 33-15. Maybe the basketball Gods are playing a sick game on us, but if this Knick team doesn't win at HOME tonight against Miami it'll be tough to get in the playoffs. Watching the way Shaq was dunking on the Cavs last night our only consistent weapon Eddy Curry is going to be shut down. Now, hopefully Curry can step up and try and defeat the only center in the East that is more dominating then him. However, Shaq daddy is at full strength and is probably pissed off at everyone saying he is finished so look out. As for the Knicks regardless if they make the playoffs or not an offseason move definatly has to occur. They need a leader and a real superstar to tell everyone else to shutup when they are complaining and focus when the time is right. The guy that they should get is Kevin Garnett. Garnett is clearly unhappy with the T-Wolves after not making a deal again at the break and he is starting to speak his mind I've been saying this for a while and hopefully it comes true this offseason. Garnett needs the big city and the big city needs a mega star like Garnett.

Now wouldn't that look good if that was real.


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