Monday, February 19, 2007

All Star Break

In the midst of me fracturing my foot(crutches for 6 weeks) in this super fun ice storm we had here in New York, and watching the All Star festivities, it got me thinking the of a new competition for the break. This competition would make the festivities even better then if actual notable stars participated in the Slam Dunk competition. Brace yourselves(like my foot) the new competition should be................referee races. Every ref from around the league should compete in the annual "Official Derby." The Official "Official Derby" would be every ref participating in suicides on All Star weekend, it would be the funniest and most entertaining event in All Star weekend, by far. This is based on 2,938,472,983,479,238 year old Knick Bevetta(do I really need to know how to spell a refs name) diving and ripping his knee open on the court trying to beat out "Sir" Charles. The cut didn't even faze Bevetta who even gave Charles a kiss on the lips?!?:!?!?!?!?! Somewhere John Amechi was proud and Tim Hardaway looked like what I looked like when I saw Britney with a shaved head. Another suggestion if you don't like this is to have old All Stars compete against refs of today. It would be awesome watching Dr. J or George Gervin race, or dare I say it the God Michael Jordan race. There is one rule however that must be upheld at all times throughout jersey and shorts of your old team, lets be honest, it was real tough looking at Bill Lambier so spare us that, PLEASE. It would "bring back" what all these geezers on T.V. seem it's cool to hate on, All Star Saturday Night. Even though I was still glued to my set during the Slam Dunk contest, but that's because I KNOW WHO THE PAYERS ARE!! It's just sad watching a guy that no casual fan would ever know win the dunk competition........again!! Hence Fred Jones honestly who the hell is Fred Jones(who?) Fred Jooones(who?).....exactly. The competitors in the "NBA SKILLS COMPETITION"(sounds intimidating right) would have been in the Slam Dunk contest if this was the 80s or early 90s. This era players are to scared to tarnish their image (except KOBE) by messing up and missing a dunk on national television. "I don't do that dunk contest stuff" says Lebron, are you kidding? Was that really a joke on your commercial? Because to me it just looks like you are scared. However, getting back to the point the "Official Derby" is just a thought and hopefully somebody notices this and this happens, but I bet all the credit will go to Stern, so trying not to sound like a DJ on Hot97 as much as possible, REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!


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