Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where have you been? - Anthony Mason

This sixth man of the year award winner in the 1994-95 season, played 5 strong seasons with the Knickerbockers. He played with a number of different franchises but his longest tenure with any team was with New York from '91-'96, he ended up playing 13 NBA seasons which is remarkable. He was as strong as bricks and had more handles then most players in the game today which is ridiculous for a man his size 6' 8 265. Mason was also one of the backbones to the Knicks in the early 90s along with Charles Oakley and Patrick Ewing, nobody was driving down the lane or showboating on that Knick team(JR Smith would've been knocked from the Garden to Long Island if he tried to what he did on todays Knicks against Ewing, Oakley, and Mason's Knicks). However, his constant ball hogging caused the Knicks to trade him to the Hornets for Larry Johnson in 1996. His career averages of 10.9 pts and 8.3 rbs per game aren't mind boggling, but he was an All-Star when he played for the hated Miami Heat for one season in the 2000-'01 year. He also averaged 16.2 points and 11.4 rbs per game in his best statistical season in his first year with the Hornets. You can now catch Anthony Mason watching his son Anthony Mason Jr. play for St. John's. If his son turns out to be half the player his dad was then he is in for a good NBA career.


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