Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Ron Ron was Unstoppable

Everytime I see Ron Artest torch the Knicks especially in last nights game where he scored 39 points where it just seemed that he couldn't miss. Makes me think about that great draft pick the Knicks used right before Ron Artest was selected by the Bulls in the first round...............FREDRICK WIES!!!!! Who knows if I'm spelling his last name right and who cares. All this(undercontract on draft day)Frenchman Mr. Wies is remembered for is Vince Carter jumping over his head and dunking on him in a World Championship Game. Drafting him was absolutely one of the dumbest moves in Knick history, I don't care if Ron Ron is a headache, I don't care that he attacked all the Piston fans in Detroit, he is from Queens and he played at St. John's he would've been fine playing at home. He would've stayed here his entire career. It is just a short train ride away from Queens, so all of his boys and family would be able to see him all the time. I am not saying he would stay out of trouble, I am saying he would've felt more comfortable here, and would have never asked to be traded. After all, Fredrick is not really putting up great numbers as a Knick he is most likely to never play for New York ever.


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