Saturday, January 13, 2007

Bobcats Cruise

Somewhere deep down in my heart I knew the Knicks were going to lose this one. Especially after the heart wrenching loss the Bobcats suffered at the Garden(David Lee's tip in with .1 remaining) and with their boss(and the God himself) Michael Jordan sitting courtside to view that one, I just knew they were going to get smacked. Emeka Okafor did his share of smacking, swatting away 10 shots, which turned out to be a record for an opponent at the Garden. He nearly had the odd triple double but ended up with a mere 9 boards and 20 points. However, this is really still not the end of the world, all the papers around New York just seem to treat every basketball game like it's a football game. It's to sell more papers I understand and the ignorant fan is going to believe everything the newspaper tells them. However, there's 82 games in basketball not 16, every possession every game does not mean nearly as much. The Knicks can bounce back on Martin Luther(to the) King Jr. Day on Monday, a 1 o'clock home game against Ron Ron and his Kings(hopefully Artest doesn't torch N.Y. like he loves to do


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