Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Knicks Outlast Pistons

Sick game, one of the greatest games I've watched(I wish I was there). Knicks win 151-145 in 3OTs!! Rip Hamilton dropped 51, Marbury dropped 41 ridiculous. First Delfino hit a big 3 to put the game in OT. Then Marbury gets fouled on a 3 and hits all 3 clutch free throws to put the game into the second OT. In the second OT Frye hit a jumper at the buzzer to put the game into thriple OT thennnnn.............Rip Hamilton went crazy in the 3rd OT when there was no call on a definate foul on him, then he picked up a Tech, J-Crawford hit the free throw, Frye then hit 2 more, and the game was history. The Pistons have no right to argue and embarass the officials like that you get some calls and you don't. The Pistons got 2 cheap calls one on a flop when Marbury barely touched Hamilton(that made Steph foul out), the other was when there was a bad pass on an inbounds and Balkman had a clear path to the basket, but they called a foul because Billups simply fell on the floor. So sorry Pistons, whine all you want. Knicks have won 4 out of 5, booyah.


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