Saturday, December 16, 2006

Knicks Get Crapped On in Indy

Eddy Curry's 20 point streak.....over. The one thing as a Knick fan lately that you could be proud of is done(10 points and 3 boards). Crawford had a great game with 29 points shooting 47 percent from the field(not his usual shooting everytime he touched the ball kind've game). David Lee had his usual solid game with 12 and 8. The 3 point shooting did the Knicks in as the Pacers hit 12 threes. Typical Knicks they play well for a game and you think things might be turning around then they just lay an egg. At least for their own sake they play again tonight against the Nuggets, who look for revenge on losing to the Knicks and Jamal Crawford's amazing 3 point shot with only seconds remaining. This one smells trouble especially with Mello coming into his own offensively this season. Hopefully, the Knicks can pull it out and save themselves the back page embarassment.


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