Sunday, December 17, 2006

Knicks and Nuggets "Brawl"

Last night the Nuggets came into town to play the Knicks at the Garden. This game went as the typical formula for Knicks games, stay close early, go down by 20, come back, then the opposing team blows it open. So it's the 4th quarter the Nuggets are beating the Knicks down by whatever it was it doesn't matter. David Lee trys to drive down the middle he gets it stripped, and the outlet pass for the high flying J.R. Smith who is about to show off on the Knicks home court with some high flying slam gets fouled extra hard by rookie Mardy Collins. I'm sorry, actually I'm not sorry I like the foul. This is something Charles Oakley would've done, Anthony Mason any of the Knicks who had some sort of pride in their team and their home floor would've done it, and they would've done it ten times harder. Now, J.R. Smith was angry and he has a right to be he gets in Collins' face they should've been seperated, Collins out of the game suspended, fined whatever that's it finished. However, Carmello Anthony comes jetting in only to make the situation go almost out of control. He comes in pushing and shoving which leads to Smith and Nate Robinson (who is protecting his teamate) wrestle into the stands and pinning some poor lady sitting in the front row against her seat. When that is all taken care of and everybody is seemingly calming down, Mello turns into the wanna be tough guy he is not shoves Jared Jefferies which ticks him off then backs off, now he's seperated by a bunch of people, he then sneaks in and gives the weakest smack of a punch to Mardy Collins, then he backpeddled faster then I have ever seen him move on the court in a game. Jefferies is fuming now running after Mello then being restrained by mulitple Knicks coaches and security and Nate Robinson goes after Carmello squaring up to knock him out and Mello is gone off the screen as far as he can run away like a little bitch. All the respect I ever had for Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony is gone forever. He did exactly what in a real life situation would get somebody jumped the next day for hitting(with a smack like a girl) and running as fast as he can the other way. Nate Robinson who is alot stronger then Mello would have disfigured Anthony's face. All in all, yeah Mardy Collins had the hard foul but the fight wouldn't have escalated if it wasn't for CARMELLO "Hit and Run" ANTHONY, who I will never respect again. "J.R. Smith had just made one dunk where he reversed it and spinned in the air and I thought that Mardy didn't wanna have our home crowd see that again, so he fouled him" said perfectly by Coach Isiah Thomas.

Knicks Ejected

Mardy Collins
Jared Jefferies
Channing Frye(nothing to do with fight)
David Lee (nothing to do with fight)
Nate Robinson

Nuggets Ejected

Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony
J.R. Smith
Eduardo Najera(nothing to do with fight)
Marcus Camby(nothing to do with fight)
Andre Miller (nothing to do with fight)

the show off dunk that ticked Mardy Collins off

Nate Robinson protecting his teamate

Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony the man who hangs out with too many rappers and thinks he's alot tougher then he really is, if this took place at any playground in New York he would get jumped the next day for his wussy showing. He seriously needs his head popped in more ways then one because the media has spent all this time inflating it.


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