Thursday, December 28, 2006

Isiah Warning Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony

That's right Isiah let him know what's coming to him. Screw Carmello "hit and run" Anthony

Where have You Been? - L.J.

Larry Johnson

The original L.J. and former Knick leader through their late 90's playoff runs. Career averages of 16.2 points 7.5 rebounds and 3.3 Assits. But where have you been, you would think that a man with all the charisma he had would be a broadcaster......I guess not hopefully we hear from him soon the game needs him.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Knicks Outlast Pistons

Sick game, one of the greatest games I've watched(I wish I was there). Knicks win 151-145 in 3OTs!! Rip Hamilton dropped 51, Marbury dropped 41 ridiculous. First Delfino hit a big 3 to put the game in OT. Then Marbury gets fouled on a 3 and hits all 3 clutch free throws to put the game into the second OT. In the second OT Frye hit a jumper at the buzzer to put the game into thriple OT thennnnn.............Rip Hamilton went crazy in the 3rd OT when there was no call on a definate foul on him, then he picked up a Tech, J-Crawford hit the free throw, Frye then hit 2 more, and the game was history. The Pistons have no right to argue and embarass the officials like that you get some calls and you don't. The Pistons got 2 cheap calls one on a flop when Marbury barely touched Hamilton(that made Steph foul out), the other was when there was a bad pass on an inbounds and Balkman had a clear path to the basket, but they called a foul because Billups simply fell on the floor. So sorry Pistons, whine all you want. Knicks have won 4 out of 5, booyah.

Jefferies is Back

Jared Jefferies is returning to the Knicks lineup tonight when the Knicks host the Detroit Pistons. Jefferies is returning after serving his 4 game suspension after being prevoked by Carmello "hit and run" Anthony in the "brawl" that took place at the Garden.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Take It Easy

Just because the Knicks got blown out by the Iversonless Sixers, big deal. It's the second game of a back to back and they have 10 men on their roster(plus a rusty Francis), of course they are going to be tired. This loss is not a step in the wrong direction so don't look to deeply into it.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

3 Straight Knicks Look Great

The Knicks have won their 3rd straight game since the "brawl" and everybody on their shortened roster has played well. Channing Frye has played with the heart and determination we saw last year, and has not played like the little boy we saw earlier this year. Stephon Marbury has played like the Starbury in his T-Wolves days, he is not playing as tentitive. David Lee seems like he grabs every rebound, even the two bench warmers Kelvin Cato and the fat mess Jerome James have played well(yes you read that right Jerome James). Ever since the "fight," the Knicks have played with togetherness we have not seen from them in the Isiah Thomas era, and they are back to only one game out in the horrible Atlantic Division.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

David Lee's Tip

0.1 second left are you serious?!?!?!

2 Straight Buzzer Beaters

This "brawl" last week has definitly lit a fire under the Knicks asses. It has brought them together as a team and has given them two last second buzzer beaters. The first one was Stephon's lay in then last nights amazing tip in off the inbounds pass in 2 OT by David Lee with only 0.1 seconds left, beating Michael Jordan's Bobcats 111-109(I nearly broke my toe jumping up and celebrating for that). That play was so improbable I've probably watched it 10 times on 4 different sports networks just to make sure that really happend. David Lee nearly had his second 20 rebound game in a row getting 19 boards. The Knicks play again Friday against Chicago at the Garden, look out Bulls.
Patrick Ewing and Michael Jordan in attendance
watching the game courtside, they were joined
by Charles Oakley and Ahmad Rashad.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Knicks Beat that AZZ

In the midst of all the hoopla surrounding the fight at the Garden the other night there was a game to be played. It happened to be against the Utah (Mormons oops I mean) Jazz. The Knicks had a nice lead and the Jazz kept hitting threes, Mehmet Okur pretty much put the game into OT. Deron Williams put the Jazz up by one with another Utah three with only 3 seconds left in OT......... then David Lee(17 pts 20 rbs) to Stephon Marbury(29 pts and 8 asts) and the game winning layup for the win no time remaining. After the fight with the Nuggets Nate Robinson, Mardy Collins, Jared Jefferies and Jerome James where all suspended so the Knicks only had 8 players active and Steph stepped up. I'll tell you what I gaurantee you nobody is running up the score on the Knicks anytime soon because they know when they come to the Garden, you better not do anything to show up these Knicks, and it's about time the Knicks have an identity it might be as bad asses but that fits New York. If Thomas did order the hit on J.R. Smith or Carmello Anthony good for him I'm glad he did, he protected his home floor. I am not ashamed to be a Knick fan, I am damn proud.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Knicks and Nuggets "Brawl"

Last night the Nuggets came into town to play the Knicks at the Garden. This game went as the typical formula for Knicks games, stay close early, go down by 20, come back, then the opposing team blows it open. So it's the 4th quarter the Nuggets are beating the Knicks down by whatever it was it doesn't matter. David Lee trys to drive down the middle he gets it stripped, and the outlet pass for the high flying J.R. Smith who is about to show off on the Knicks home court with some high flying slam gets fouled extra hard by rookie Mardy Collins. I'm sorry, actually I'm not sorry I like the foul. This is something Charles Oakley would've done, Anthony Mason any of the Knicks who had some sort of pride in their team and their home floor would've done it, and they would've done it ten times harder. Now, J.R. Smith was angry and he has a right to be he gets in Collins' face they should've been seperated, Collins out of the game suspended, fined whatever that's it finished. However, Carmello Anthony comes jetting in only to make the situation go almost out of control. He comes in pushing and shoving which leads to Smith and Nate Robinson (who is protecting his teamate) wrestle into the stands and pinning some poor lady sitting in the front row against her seat. When that is all taken care of and everybody is seemingly calming down, Mello turns into the wanna be tough guy he is not shoves Jared Jefferies which ticks him off then backs off, now he's seperated by a bunch of people, he then sneaks in and gives the weakest smack of a punch to Mardy Collins, then he backpeddled faster then I have ever seen him move on the court in a game. Jefferies is fuming now running after Mello then being restrained by mulitple Knicks coaches and security and Nate Robinson goes after Carmello squaring up to knock him out and Mello is gone off the screen as far as he can run away like a little bitch. All the respect I ever had for Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony is gone forever. He did exactly what in a real life situation would get somebody jumped the next day for hitting(with a smack like a girl) and running as fast as he can the other way. Nate Robinson who is alot stronger then Mello would have disfigured Anthony's face. All in all, yeah Mardy Collins had the hard foul but the fight wouldn't have escalated if it wasn't for CARMELLO "Hit and Run" ANTHONY, who I will never respect again. "J.R. Smith had just made one dunk where he reversed it and spinned in the air and I thought that Mardy didn't wanna have our home crowd see that again, so he fouled him" said perfectly by Coach Isiah Thomas.

Knicks Ejected

Mardy Collins
Jared Jefferies
Channing Frye(nothing to do with fight)
David Lee (nothing to do with fight)
Nate Robinson

Nuggets Ejected

Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony
J.R. Smith
Eduardo Najera(nothing to do with fight)
Marcus Camby(nothing to do with fight)
Andre Miller (nothing to do with fight)

the show off dunk that ticked Mardy Collins off

Nate Robinson protecting his teamate

Carmello "Hit and Run" Anthony the man who hangs out with too many rappers and thinks he's alot tougher then he really is, if this took place at any playground in New York he would get jumped the next day for his wussy showing. He seriously needs his head popped in more ways then one because the media has spent all this time inflating it.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Knicks Get Crapped On in Indy

Eddy Curry's 20 point streak.....over. The one thing as a Knick fan lately that you could be proud of is done(10 points and 3 boards). Crawford had a great game with 29 points shooting 47 percent from the field(not his usual shooting everytime he touched the ball kind've game). David Lee had his usual solid game with 12 and 8. The 3 point shooting did the Knicks in as the Pacers hit 12 threes. Typical Knicks they play well for a game and you think things might be turning around then they just lay an egg. At least for their own sake they play again tonight against the Nuggets, who look for revenge on losing to the Knicks and Jamal Crawford's amazing 3 point shot with only seconds remaining. This one smells trouble especially with Mello coming into his own offensively this season. Hopefully, the Knicks can pull it out and save themselves the back page embarassment.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Allan Houston Beating Miami

Too bad there wasn't many more clutch shots from you H20, but I still have respect for you forever for this one. Boy was that a sweet win.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Don't Go After A.I.

I'm glad Isiah has not try to aquire Allen Iverson. Yeah he's great but it wouldn't work out in NY. They would have to trade their young guys and for A.I. as great as he is it's not worth it. I would love to see Iverson land in Denver pairing him up with Mello or him land in Dallas but Iverson and Dirk aren't really similar at all i don't see that pairing working out. I hope he doesn't land in Boston for obvious reasons(Philly is dumb if they trade him to Boston then they have to not only face him 4 times a year but deal with Boston in their division).

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Play The Entire Game!!!

If the Knicks would just play the entire game like their backs are against the wall, then they'd have alot more wins this season. I'm tired of the down by 30 comebacks falling just short!!!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Jefferies is Playing......Finally

Jared Jefferies the lone free agent pickup of the Knicks this off season finally plays his first game as a Knickerbocker, tonight against the Boston Celtics. He's the potential "savior" as some are looking at it. I do not agree. He will help the team defensively, but with a career average of 6.1 points per game, he better play like Derek Harper with some serious shut down defense.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


CURRY IS THE MAAAAAAAAAAN!!! A career high 36 points wiht 9 board in the win at home against the Bucks. Curry is on his way to the All Star Game if he keeps this up. He has now 9 straight games scoring over 20 points.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Well Isiah your job just got a little easier. Steve Francis is out as they say "indefinitely" nobody knows how long that means(days? weeks? u gotta be a little more specific there!!). So when Jared Jefferies comes back the starting 5 should look like this:

Center - Eddy Curry (duuh)
Power Foward - David Lee (Let soft Channing sit on the bench when he comes back from injury)
Small Foward - Jared Jefferies
Shooting Guard - Q - Rich
Point Guard - Stephon Marbury

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

David Lee CAN FLY

Winning the McDonalds High School All American Slam Dunk Contest from 2001

Monday, December 04, 2006

Knicks Finally Win at Home

Here's the blueprint to success:
Eddy Curry - 26 and 15 (yeah he fouled out but he did play 41 minns thats tough for any pothead to do)
David Lee - 20 and 11
Q- Rich - 20 and 6
and for our two starting PGs you get 6(Starbury) and 7 assists(Franchise), Marbury also added 16 points. If the starters can play close to this at all for the rest of the season the Knicks will be in very good shape.

Knicks and Grizz at MSG

Tonight the Knicks take on the Memphis Grizzlies at the Garden tonight at 7:30. The Grizzlies look to take revenge from that opening night Thriple OT thriller the Knicks pulled out in Memphis. Grizzlies star Pau Gasol is still out and will miss tonights game. Hopefully, the Knicks can pull this one out and start a winning streak at home so we can stop talking about how they can not win at MSG.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Home Jinx is Why Knicks Stink

If you can't take care of business at the Worlds Most Famous Arena with the most knowledgable basketball fans in the world, you are not goin to win many ballgames(and its why they win only on the road). It's an obvious statement but if the Knicks players can not take the pressure of the fans(who haven't seen good ball in years) and as a professional you can't understand why, then you will never make it in New York, its that simple. It's a "put up or shutup" city so the Knicks players really need to add another layer of skin and just win at home already dammit. Teams used to get scared to come and play at the Garden, now they look foward to it just to get another win.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Classic Knicks - Bulls 1992

This is the way basketball should be played
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