Friday, November 17, 2006

Stop This Ridiculousness


All this talk I have been reading in the papers is ridiculous that they should bench their starters and play the young guys. Starting David Lee over Channing Frye I agree with because Lee is a hustler and is not scared to fight for that offensive rebound or dunk on your face. Channing Frye however, looks like a scared little child out there(it seems like he lost his male parts over the summer). Also if you don’t start Marbury and Francis then the Knicks will not only go down by 10 every game but start off going down by more than that. Everybody has a short term memory when it comes to these guys Francis was once seen as one of the top players in the NBA until his trade to Orlando(back then a horrible team). Nate Robinson is a great competitor and is on pace to take the starting job, but not yet he needs to mature more. There will be more turnovers then Steph and Franchise will ever commit and it’ll just make Isiah look even dumber (even though all the papers that make up this bull shit just to sell papers will be ripping him for doing it after telling him to do it now). The Knicks haven’t been as bad as advertised they beat down a very good Wizards team at home and they get killed in the media the next day. Their record is 3-6 it is not .500 right now because they played the San Antonio Spurs twice, a solid Indiana team and the Lebrons (they have nobody that can come close to guarding James but then again who does?). All they really need to do is get off to a fast start in these games and play with the same fire they play with when the game gets down to the nitty gritty. Don’t get ahead of yourself I’m not saying they will win the title this year or in the next 3 years but they will be an 8th seed playoff team this year. look at my season preview where I predict all of this besides of course Channing Frye becoming a little school boy bitch.


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