Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stevie "airball"

What's going on Francis can't even hit iron on that last fade away? Also the 2 missed free throws you're lucky, for your sake, that my Knicks pulled it out otherwise you'd be on the back page of every paper in NY and the topic of every talk radio show. Steve Francis is still the man and played very well up to that point and this was not a typical performance especially for an over 90% free throw shooter.EDDY CURRY!! HE'S UNSTOPPABLE WHEN HE PLAYS THAT BIG!!! Q-Rich d's up all these stars and shuts them down first T-Mac now Lebron. LBJ didn't run circles around the Knicks like everybody thought he would, with a very quiet 27 points. THERE'S ALOT OF GAMES LEFT ITS A LOOOOOOOOONG SEASON you just have to stay positive.


Anonymous Vibber said...

This is the big thing. We wont know how good the knicks are until we get jeffries playin with them. Right no we are not a whole unit. We have a missing piece. Yes garnett would be a great addition but where are the knicks going to be able to free up space to put him on the team. personally id like to see them get him or gasol but it probably wont happen. I was a big doubter from the beginning of the season but now they are starting to gel a little more. Obviously they arent an NBA Finals team but lets give it time.

11/30/2006 3:42 PM  
Blogger Alex B. said...

They'll free up space for Garnett by trading for him they dont have any cap room for obvious reasons to sign him and Gasol has said he wants to stay in Memphis.....and with jefferies coming back someones getting bumped out of the starting lineup it was supposed to be Q-Rich but with his superb play it wont be its gonna have to be Marbury or Francis who gets benched but who knows he might play Jefferies at the 4 cuz Frye is a bitch plus he's hurt........Isiah we have a problem

11/30/2006 9:08 PM  

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