Friday, November 03, 2006

Knicks Fall to Hawks


The Knicks where defeated by the Atlanta Hawks 102-92 when their comeback attempt failed. As Al Trautwig(forgive me if I’m spelling that wrong) said in the post game they seemed like they were satisfied from winning that overtime thriller the other night in Memphis. Eddy Curry seemed like a man amongst boys out there however they did not get him the ball enough. He had 20 points but again was in foul trouble with 5 fouls. Q-Rich had another solid game with 19 points but he was in foul trouble as well. The Knicks failed to take the lead in the 1st quarter when Joe Johnson got 2 fouls early, as Kenny Smith said during the game, "the Knicks should be up by ten by the end of the quarter" they clearly did not (Joe Johnson still put up 30). The Knicks failed to beat an inferior team in the Hawks but they are .500 and considering last year still that’s satisfying to me. HEY REFS CALM DOWN ON THE TECHNICALS THE TECHNICAL ON NATE ROBINSON WAS CLEARLY JUST HIS EMOTIONS HE WAS NOT TRYING TO SHOW YOU UP!!!! So if the Knicks can stay out of foul trouble and Channing Frye can actually play like Channing Frye and not like Jerome James then the Knicks will be just fine this year.


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