Thursday, November 30, 2006

John Starks I Love This Guy

Nobody on the Knicks now has close to the heart that Starks has at aaaall

Who Do You Bench?

When Jared Jefferies the lone free agent pick up for the Knicks this offseason returns to the lineup soon somebodys getting bumped to the bench. Is it Marbury? Is it Francis? It was originally gonna be Q-Rich but the leadership ability he has displayed as well as his surprising and amazing shut down defense on superstar after superstar you can not sit him. This is what I would do:
PG - Steph SG - Francis SF - Q -Rich PF - Jefferies C - Curry
Unless both Starbury and Franchise continue to play like crap(mainly Marbury) one of them will be benched and you can just move Q-Rich to the 2, and put (the softy) Channing Frye back to the starting lineup when he is healthy. Isiah's job could be riding on this decision, if they win nobody will complain, however if they lose alot, the lineup juggling will begin and it will be a repeat of last years debacle. Isiah I feel for you man good luck (my advice invest in some Just For Men).

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Stevie "airball"

What's going on Francis can't even hit iron on that last fade away? Also the 2 missed free throws you're lucky, for your sake, that my Knicks pulled it out otherwise you'd be on the back page of every paper in NY and the topic of every talk radio show. Steve Francis is still the man and played very well up to that point and this was not a typical performance especially for an over 90% free throw shooter.EDDY CURRY!! HE'S UNSTOPPABLE WHEN HE PLAYS THAT BIG!!! Q-Rich d's up all these stars and shuts them down first T-Mac now Lebron. LBJ didn't run circles around the Knicks like everybody thought he would, with a very quiet 27 points. THERE'S ALOT OF GAMES LEFT ITS A LOOOOOOOOONG SEASON you just have to stay positive.
Just In Case You Forgot

Patrick Ewing --- Greatest Knick of All Time

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Missing Something

I just finished watching another Knicks loss, and seeing them just fall apart agaaaain, it got me thinking. All they really need is that one guy, that one guy that can just call for the ball and be that leader(and I've been a fan of Marbury from when I first heard about him since his Lincoln days but he is not it). I'm thinking maybe a Garnett trade would be amazing even though he has said, he is extremely happy in Minnesota(and nobody knows why). Why not KG? After things haven't worked out exactly to plan, playing for his favorite team, Marbury has to regret leaving Minnesota and his boy Garnett, in the first place. Steph's career might have been tremendously different. So why not let them link up again at the Garden. I know it'll take a couple young guys to get him at least Nate Robinson, Jamal Crawford, David Lee or Channing Frye and/or a 1st round pick, of course it'll take 3-4 players and a pick or 2 to get him. I know I'm dreaming, but if there is any superstar out there, that might not be happy were he is currently employed, it has to be(or soon will be) ...................

Kevin why not?

Knicks and Bulls

New York Knicks vs. The Chicago Bulls tonight.......didn't that used to mean so much more. Now we have a matchup of two underachieving teams loaded with talent and player/coach controversy. Ben Wallace was feuding with HC Scott Skiles about wearing a headband(how ridiculous can you be telling a player that he can't wear a headband big fuckin deal he's Ben Wallace let him do what he wants). And of course, everybody knows the deal with the Knicks; the Isiah and Stephon Saga continues tonight yessssssssssssssssssssss(sense the sarcasm?). Hopefully, at least the Knicks can pull it out.
P.S. they are only one game out of first in the crappy Atlantic, so quit crying about their record

Sunday, November 26, 2006

No Heart

The Knicks lost to the Bulls last night and again, the majority of the team played with absolutely no heart in the first half. Going down by as many as 23 then snapping out of it only to commit stupid turnovers to blow their comeback attempt. To top it off they lost Channing Frye for 3-6 weeks due to an ankle sprain(I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse with Jared Jefferies coming back) plus Q-Rich strained his hammy and is day to day. So everything isn't going great in Knick land the mighty Isiah will prob be out.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Knicks Pounce on Boston

The Knicks bounced back from a dreadful performance against the T-Wolves beating down the Celtics 101-77. Steve Francis finally played like Steve Francis(we'll just see if this lasts more than one game) and Eddy Curry was a beast 21 points and 10 boards and David Lee fell 2 assists shy of the first triple double by a Knick, it feels like in this century. Yes, it was the Celtics, but a win was a win and the Knick guards didn't cry like little babies for not being on the floor when they play like crap, they just played ball and listened to their coach and got the W.

Friday, November 24, 2006

J Crawford and Nasty Nate @ Da Rucker

these guys belong in New York

Knicks and Boston Tonight

Let's see if the inconsistant Knicks can top a Celtic team that is not nearly as talented as them (besides Paul Pierce of course) and take revenge from that loss to them at the Garden. PUT A DAMN BODY ON WALLY THE LONG ISLAND BOY JUS T NEEDS TO GET SHOVED AROUND A LITTLE BIT.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sorry Isiah

Sorry Mr. Thomas but your time might be up as a Head Coach or any other front office job(besides maybe draft scout) if you don't turn this around soon. Make a trade but don't trade your young guys get a three or four team deal sending Francis or Marbury out of town I hate to admit it but I don't think this tandom is going to work and I've been a supporter of it since he made the Francis deal. BUT DONT TRADE YOUR DRAFT PICK SO AT LEAST WE CAN GET GREG ODEN THE BIG CENTER FROM OHIO STATE HE'S A BABY EWING.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Francis and Marbury Upset

Isiah Thomas sat down his two startering guards for the majority of the second half for not performing well. Steph and Franchise where both upset with not playing in last nights defeat to Houston. WAAAH WAAAH I've been a tremendous supporter of both throughout this young season but I like Isiah's motive when you don't play well you don't play. Nate Robinson's block of Yao Ming classic highlight that will be seen forever, even though Yao got hit in the eye on the play that's still as embarassing as it gets.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Knicks Bust Some Miami A$$

Knicks Kill Miami in Miami

Since I am a long time die hard Knicks fan seeing the Heat win the title last year was gut wrenching. However, last night gave me some satisfaction. Yeah, Shaq-Daddy was hurt and is out for 4-6 weeks with knee surgery but they still have an old (douche bag) Alonzo Mourning as center and oh yeah a guy named Dwayne Wade he's pretty good. So last night felt awesome watching Stevie Franchise coming into his own and calling for the ball like the superstar he used to be warmed my heart as well as the fat ass Jerome James looking in shape and ready to make an impact(I won't hold my breath though). All in all watching Pat Riley lose still makes me feel good and I had a great night because of it. SOOOOO GOOOOO KNICKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Stop This Ridiculousness


All this talk I have been reading in the papers is ridiculous that they should bench their starters and play the young guys. Starting David Lee over Channing Frye I agree with because Lee is a hustler and is not scared to fight for that offensive rebound or dunk on your face. Channing Frye however, looks like a scared little child out there(it seems like he lost his male parts over the summer). Also if you don’t start Marbury and Francis then the Knicks will not only go down by 10 every game but start off going down by more than that. Everybody has a short term memory when it comes to these guys Francis was once seen as one of the top players in the NBA until his trade to Orlando(back then a horrible team). Nate Robinson is a great competitor and is on pace to take the starting job, but not yet he needs to mature more. There will be more turnovers then Steph and Franchise will ever commit and it’ll just make Isiah look even dumber (even though all the papers that make up this bull shit just to sell papers will be ripping him for doing it after telling him to do it now). The Knicks haven’t been as bad as advertised they beat down a very good Wizards team at home and they get killed in the media the next day. Their record is 3-6 it is not .500 right now because they played the San Antonio Spurs twice, a solid Indiana team and the Lebrons (they have nobody that can come close to guarding James but then again who does?). All they really need to do is get off to a fast start in these games and play with the same fire they play with when the game gets down to the nitty gritty. Don’t get ahead of yourself I’m not saying they will win the title this year or in the next 3 years but they will be an 8th seed playoff team this year. look at my season preview where I predict all of this besides of course Channing Frye becoming a little school boy bitch.

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Knicks WIN!!!!

The New York Knicks came back again last night in Denver but this time they won. Jamal Crawford stepped up big time scoring 35 points 7 assists and 6 rebounds including the game winning 3 pointer. Stephon Marbury also stepped up to with a big 3 down the stretch to tie the game. Then on the final possession for the Knicks, Crawford who was guarded by Carmello got doubled and threw it away then as Najera tried to get the ball up the court to a streaking Mello, Crawford stole it back and nailed the game winning 3. The Knicks win 109-107 and wow what a game that was. Carmello Anthony had 37 points against the Knicks who couldn’t seem to stop him. The Knicks however shut down the Nuggets in the 4th quarter outscoring them 36-24 and making another sick comeback at the end but this time they won it. Eddy Curry was in foul trouble again only scoring 2 points, he needs to calm his big doofy ass down and just play ball and he will be by far the best Center in the East (besides Shaq of course but that goes without saying). Channing Frye’s struggles continued going 2 for 11 from the field, while solid veteran Malik Rose played well again. David Lee again played hard scoring 10 and grabbing 11 off the bench. The Nuggets drop to a surprising 0-3 while the Knicks improve to 2-3. The Knicks play tomorrow at Houston playing the Rockets and Jeff "the Man" Van Gundy.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Knicks Lose 3rd Straight

Knicks Lose to Spurs 105-93

The New York Knicks starters last night looked horrible in the first half commiting stupid turnovers. Commiting any kind of turnovers against the superior San Antonio Spurs is bound to get you in a hole, as it did. Coach Thomas went to his bench and sent a messege to his starters saying if you don't play well you won't play. He put in the lineup that consisted Mardy Collins, David Lee, Malik Rose, and Nate Robinson along with a Kelvin Cato sighting. Rookie Mardy Collins put a charge in the Knicks with several steals and playing exceptional impressing alot of people including myself. However, fatigue set in and the superior Spurs went back up by a bunch. Then came the 4th quarter when Stephon Marbury scored 9 in a 20-2 run that pulled them within 1 point, but the Knicks would still come up short. Steph then missed a 3 and Renaldo Balkman missed two key free throws that were followed by a Tony Parker jumper(he is the luckiest man for getting with Eva by far) this put the Spurs up for good. I am one who does not believe in moral victories but if there is one it was last night. Malik Rose held "The Big Fundemental" Tim Duncan to just 15 points. Steve Francis went down in the 1st quarter with an ankle injury coming down hard on Bruce Bowen's foot after nailing a jumper in his face. He would tough it out for the rest of the half then he was not seen for the second half at all(his status is still uncertain). Alot of Knicks fans are already giving up on the season and that's just ridiculous, its the 4th game of an 82 game season(did u really excpect them to beat San Antonio?). The team showed signs of life, Isiah showed he is not scared to bench the starters and Stephon finally stepped up down the stretch. I'm sticking with my predicition as the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference this season.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Knicks Lose 109 - 95

Knicks Lose Home Opener

Yeah the Knicks lost I can't lie to you and say that I was watching the game. I was glancing at it while getting trashed at the bar in the city for my frats(Beta Chi in Oneonta) reunion, it happens once every 5 years so I guess you understand. However, I saw Nate Robinson's 3 to pull them within one, but the next time I remember looking up at the screen, they where down I think 12 I don't really remember anything after that for the rest of the night. Steve Francis had a great line 25 6 and 6 and 2 steals(that's great for my fantasy team). So feel free to comment, and let me know how the game really was, because watching "Knicks in 60" is a watered down game, you don't really know what happens but I'll check it out anyway.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Knicks Fall to Hawks


The Knicks where defeated by the Atlanta Hawks 102-92 when their comeback attempt failed. As Al Trautwig(forgive me if I’m spelling that wrong) said in the post game they seemed like they were satisfied from winning that overtime thriller the other night in Memphis. Eddy Curry seemed like a man amongst boys out there however they did not get him the ball enough. He had 20 points but again was in foul trouble with 5 fouls. Q-Rich had another solid game with 19 points but he was in foul trouble as well. The Knicks failed to take the lead in the 1st quarter when Joe Johnson got 2 fouls early, as Kenny Smith said during the game, "the Knicks should be up by ten by the end of the quarter" they clearly did not (Joe Johnson still put up 30). The Knicks failed to beat an inferior team in the Hawks but they are .500 and considering last year still that’s satisfying to me. HEY REFS CALM DOWN ON THE TECHNICALS THE TECHNICAL ON NATE ROBINSON WAS CLEARLY JUST HIS EMOTIONS HE WAS NOT TRYING TO SHOW YOU UP!!!! So if the Knicks can stay out of foul trouble and Channing Frye can actually play like Channing Frye and not like Jerome James then the Knicks will be just fine this year.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Knicks Win 3 O.T. Thriller

In a game that should have been put away in regulation (with the Knicks blowing a 19 point lead) the Knicks pull out game 1 of the regular season 118-117 in triple overtime. New York couldn't put away the pesky Grizzlies who outscored the Knicks 29-18 in the 4th quarter to overcome the huge 19 point deficit. Jamal Crawford missed 3 potential game winning shots one at the end of the 4th quarter, one at the end of the 1st overtime and one at the end of the second one. Crawford had a horrible shooting night going 4-22 from the field but Isiah kept giving him the ball in crunch time. He would redeem himself by picking Chucky Atkins' pocket and feeding Q-Rich, which lead to Richardson getting fouled, and he would hit the game winning free throws. Richardson with an impressive line 10-13 from the field 6-6 from the line with 31 points and 9 rebounds while playing a ridiculous 57 minns. All the Knicks seemed together, even when Francis, then Marbury, and then in the 3rd OT Eddy Curry(17 pts 14 rbs) fouled out, they overcame it as a TEAM. The only sour spot was the horrible play of Channing Frye. Frye was putting up 3 pointers it seemed left and right. He just did not look himself, all and all a bad performance hopfully he bounces back. Overall, even if this game should have been over long before it ended the final result, a tally in the win column for the New York Knicks.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

First Game Tonight

Finally a Fresh Start

Halfway through last year everybody in their right mind knew the season was over, unless you are just ignorant. So tonight we get a fresh start finally!!! First game tonight at Memphis home of the Grizzlies i can not wait.
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