Friday, October 27, 2006

The Death of the Crossover Dribble

R.I.P. Crossover

So I was watching the Knicks/Sixers preseason game the other night and Steve Francis went to cross some 76er and got called for a carry. Yeah, it definitely was a carry I’m not arguing that. But after that the Knicks play by play announcer Gus Johnson explained that the Commish David Stern briefed the refs telling them that the "palming" violation will be called more often(all the refs bowed down to the Czar and said "YES MASTER"), that got me thinking this is the 2nd change in the NBA rule book since Allen Iverson the man who mastered the art of the isolation came into the league(the first was getting rid of illegal defense and letting the NBAers play the zone). Master Stern really just clearly hates the way Allen Iverson, Rafer Alston, and the rest of the "street" ball players play the game. Even though this is the way it’s played at every park or gym around the country. Come on watching Stephon Marbury cross Yao Ming and watching his big doofy legs buckle is histerical, that is a classic highlight that I will never forget. Is Stern too stern? Or does he have a point? Stern is just a little to stern. Implicating the zone is one thing but having the officials "keep a closer watch" on the palming violation is just ridiculous, let the players play the game the way this generation plays, it its not the 60s anymore, plus it's more exciting. Also bring back the hard fouls, enough of these ticky tack calls, they ruin the flow of the game.


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