Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Throwback to The Old School Knicks


I needed to switch it up everybody's talking about free agency including myself so it is time to switch it up click the link and check out the video posted.

Hey LeBron Sign With The Knicks Or Feel The Backlash of NYC


If LeBron James doesn't sign with the Knicks see why his life in NYC will never be the same.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Don't Believe the Hype


why you shouldn't listen to all these "reports" by reporters trying to break the story first.

Friday, June 25, 2010


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LeBron T-Shirt Already

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LeBron May Need PG....Tony Parker?

Just a thought......

The rumor out there that LeBron James can not play with a dynamic point guard might be totally false. I know LeBron's game is all about playing the "point forward" position but maybe that's why he hasn't won anything yet. You can get through an 82 game regular season with him playing point forward but once you get to the playoffs you need another guy to run the offense. This might not be helping the case for my Knicks (and helping the Bulls case with D-Rose there) but why not try and lure Tony Parker out of San Antonio. Long shot I know but I'm sure Eva Longoria would rather live in NYC then San Antonio and Tim Duncan is 165 years old.

First Order of Business

The first order of business for the Knicks in this off season is not LeBron James it is signing that complimentary star to lure LeBron over to MSG. As much as I like Danilo Galinari, Wilson Chandler and Toney Douglas they are not a reason to sign with the Knicks. The Knicks need that superstar whether it's Chris Bosh, Tony Parker or Joe Johnson to sign first. LBJ is not coming here on his own.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Calipari/LeBron Combo? Yeah Right

The report that the great LeBron James and the great COLLEGE recruiter(not coach) John Calipari is being shopped around as a packaged deal sounds like the biggest BS I've ever heard. Granted I have no idea if this is true or not because I don't have "sources" that make reporters "smart" but I just smell the BS in this story.

First off John Calipari was a terrible pro coach 72-112 record with the New Jersey Backboards. Granted NJ had a terrible team but it's amazing what happens to a coach when you pay a few "one and done" McDonlad’s All American’s money under the table (just my opinion but his track record speaks for itself).

Secondly why would LeBron James want to tie himself to a terrible pro coach? The obvious answer is that he wouldn't want to do that. Hey LeBron, Mike D’Antoni is a better coach then Calipari by faaaaaaaar.....I'm just stating the facts.

The Nets should bring these jerseys back.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

LeBron's Theme Song

Click here for his theme song

This is absolutely his theme song until he signs with a team even though I know he isn't listening to this.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


In case you haven’t heard the Cleveland LeBrons have been knocked out of the playoffs and have essentially kicked off the New York Knicks’ 2010-2011 Season. It is shocking that Cleveland didn’t even make it to the Eastern Conference Finals but that’s what happens when only one man (LeBron) shows up to play. If any “expert” out there acts like they know what LeBron James is going to do in the 2010 off season they are full of more crap then the day after you eat White Castle. So the question is what is LeBron thinking? New York? Chicago? Miami? New Jersey/Brooklyn? LA Clippers? HAHA YEAH RIGHT!! Memphis? Not even funny.

What is going on in the mind of LeBron James? Is he thinking he does not want to turn into Kevin Garnett when he was stuck in Minnesota? KG was the face of the woeful Timberwolves for 11 seasons and was loyal to a fault. Garnett is praised for his loyalty to the T-Wolves organization and the city of Minnesota because he stuck with them through thick and thin (mostly thin) and it showed a lot about his character. However, since his blockbuster trade to the Boston Celtics and his championship in 2008 (his first season in Boston) it is hard to remember KG in another uniform besides the green and white. LeBron and KG seem to be friends, so if you think KG hasn’t given James some pointers about getting out of a third tear city like Cleveland - which compares to Minnesota - then you are living in a fantasy land.

If you are a Cav’s fan you might say well why would he want to go to New York? The Knicks don’t have Jamison or Mo Williams two borderline All Stars on their roster. Well granted the Knicks don’t have Jamison or Williams but what they do have is one of the best front office guys in NBA history running the show in Team President Donnie Walsh and not clueless Cav’s GM Danny Ferry. Also what the Knicks do have is tons a cap space to sign LeBron’s USA Basketball teammate in Chris Bosh who is dying to get out of Canada and he may determine LeBron's fate. The Knicks can also look into signing another All Star free agent out there (Carlos Boozer? Tony Parker?). Or my dream theory is the Knicks can sign LeBron then wait a season and sign Chris Paul who is a free agent next off season (not likely to happen but can't a guy dream?).

LeBron to Brick City/BK? I doubt it. If the Brooklyn arena was open then I’d say there would be a huge chance of him ending up with the New Jersey Backboards, oops I mean New Jersey Nets, oops I mean Brooklyn Nets. However, since the Brooklyn arena is going to take 2-3 years to build, LeBron will not likely waste 2-3 years of his career playing at the Rock in Newark, New Jersey. Why spend 2-3 years over there when you can spend the rest of your career at the World’s Most Famous Arena in New York City? It is just common sense.

LeBron to Chicago? My feeling is that LeBron does not want to go to the Bulls even though it is p
robably the best place for him to go on talent alone. With D-Rose, Noah and Deng there they are only missing that one dynamic scorer that James obviously is. However, if he does go to Chicago he will always be living in the shadow of his idol Michael Jordan. Even if LeBron wins four championships with the Bulls (which is an astronomical amount in any sport) it won’t be the six rings Jordan’s Bulls had. Switch gears to football and look at Steve Young as a San Francisco 49er when he took over for the legend Joe Montana. Even though Young won that Super Bowl in ‘94 it’s still not the 4 Super Bowls that Joe Montana won including 3 Super Bowl MVPs (the most of all time). So when you think of great quarterbacks in 49er history, you think of Montana first then Young. My belief is LeBron has bigger aspirations then being the second best in anything . . . Bottom line LeBron won’t end up in Chi-Town . . . D-Wade probably will.

LeBron to Miami? If Dwayne Wade stays in Miami then LeBron absolutely won’t want to go there because it won’t be HIS team it will be D-Wade’s team. However, even if Wade bounces to his hometown Chicago in the off season, Miami will still be his team. Now LeBron will be playing in the shadow of Dwayne Wade and he will have little to no supporting cast - odds are he doesn’t end up in South Beach.

In conclusion, (and again this is just one man’s opinion) LeBron James will either stay in Cleveland where he can make the most money contract wise (NBA rules state that you can sign a bigger contract with your current team then signing as a free agent elsewhere) or go to the Knicks where he can make the most money endors
ement wise. You better come to NYC LeBron because if you don’t the love affair with New York fans at the Garden will be over and you will now turn into public enemy number 1. The first week of July can not come soon enough. Where do you think he will go?

I know it's not the number he would wear but it's still an awesome picture

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tracy McGrady - Eddie House - Bill Walker Almost Threw Blows

I came across this video on youtube and thought it was funny it happened in a preseason game 2 years ago now they are all teammates......I'll be writing more consistently when this waste of a season is over but I'm still a die hard so go Knicks (even if it's not likely) I hope they make the playoffs....

Knicks Starting Lineups Tracy McGrady's First Game

This video I filmed from the Garden I bought tickets on stubhub row 1 section 346.....when T-Mac was introduced it was louder then I've heard the Garden in years....

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